Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Elbow Grease and Paint Pants:

I've been working on a project from my fourteen auction purchases, but it wasn't quite ready to post.  It will be ready next week, so I thought I'd share one of my biggest accidents/scores today.

Sometimes I just bid on things, leaving a low-ball offer and never dreaming I will actually end up with the piece.  Then, when I get it, I wonder what I will do with it.

I saw this dresser at auction. It was such a beautiful piece (in new condition) that I knew my bid of $125 would never stand.  I was wrong.

When I picked it up, I was astounded to discover how much this dresser weighed.  I have never moved a piece of furniture this dense--seriously so heavy.  What was up with this thing?

Don't you love the hardware?  That's what caught my eye, too.  I opened one of the drawers as we were dismantling it to move it when I discovered this:
I looked up the company online to see what I could find out.  This company doesn't even list prices online.  It is a private, handmade artisan shop in VA that makes pieces to order.  Every piece of wood they use is solid wood--no plywood, no pressboard, nothing.  Not even on the back.

I now knew I'd scored big-time on this one.  If I lived back east, I'm sure I could have sold this piece for 5-6x what I paid for it, but since the brand is unknown here in AZ, I wouldn't make that much profit on it.  Plus--I love the piece, and so does Brad.  (He and Ben didn't love it quite so much when I requested they move it upstairs.)

What to do with it--where else but the master bedroom?  I think this dresser new cost more than my bedroom set.

Lessons Learned:
  • Look for manufacturer information on the piece--in drawers, on the back, underneath--not just for dovetailed drawers and other workmanship clues, especially if you're reselling the item.
  • Sometimes it's just love at first sight.  And that's okay!
  • And sometimes, you can get what you don't pay for.  That's the beauty of auctions. I could never afford this piece from the manufacturer.
Until next week . . .
Going once, going twice,


  1. What a lucky happenstance!

    And that thing is gorgeous, Jen. Not just the look, but the size and shape of it.


  2. It's gorgeous! Good for you! I am loving this series of yours!

  3. What a great purchase. It's a beautiful piece, Jen. I love the hugeness of it, and all of those drawers. Jealous!

  4. that.is.awesome! seriously so. we don't really have many auctions around here.... or at least that i'm aware of. perhaps that's just it, i need to find my community's auction pulse and tap in! thanks for sharing your brilliance. you rock, jen. (and please feel special, cause you're one of only 3 blogs i've checked into today... and today's the first in over a month!) ::hugs::

  5. That is simply beautiful Jen!!!
    The beauty of that piece is it would look just as amazing in ANY room in the house!
    have a happy day

  6. What a beautiful piece - and the story of how it came to be yours will be family lore.


    i need to come with you!