Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Elbow Grease and Paint Pants: E V I E

Remember back in January when I ended up with fourteen pieces of furniture from the auction?

Most of the pieces were nice.  Some were in great condition, some needed a little love to make them presentable.

One piece, however was just that--a piece.  A piece of junk.

In case you've forgotten, I didn't preview this auction in person--just placed a ton of low-ball bids and waited to see what would happen.  This piece was described as wood--um, no.  This is pressboard, folks.  Pressboard . . . and broken.  Legs were coming off, top was sagging--it was pitiful.  When I saw what I'd purchased, I was annoyed.  Even though it only cost $27.50, what on earth was I supposed to do with it?

The only salvageable parts of this debacle were the four cabinet doors.  I removed them from the cabinet and Brad demolished the rest and took the pieces to the curb.  Inspiration refused to hit me, so the doors sat in the garage for months, waiting for the perfect project.  What could I do with four perfectly matched doors?

Then the idea hit me:  there are four letters in Evie's name.  How about doing chalkboards for her room?

I sprayed the hardware silver, painted the center panel with chalkboard paint, then trimmed the frame with a soft ballerina pink.
I covered wood letters with a vintage fabric then hot glued them to the board.

I wanted to keep the look really soft in here--she'll demand bright teenage colors soon enough--so I used white tulle ribbon to hang them.
Sometimes projects look so much better in my head than they do when they're finished.  This is one of those projects.  I like it, but I don't love it like I thought I would.

Lessons Learned
  • At least the big, ugly, broken TV stand is gone.

Until next week,
Going once, going twice . . .


  1. I love her bed, and I love your inspiration ideas for the doors. I think a darker color around the frame might make you love them more.

  2. Very cute. I'm amazed you saw anything at all in that. I'm afraid I would have junked the whole thing.
    In fact you would probably shudder at the stuff I have DI'd.

  3. I agree with Traci - if you had matched the brighter darker pink in her quilt, or even the green, I think you would like the overall look better - the black kind of swallows up the delicate pink. But the overall project is a great idea - so creative - and what little girl doesn't love her name up on the wall! You could even use those handles to hang hair ribbons, etc. I like the project.

  4. You are so clever! And, I think it's super cute.

  5. By the way, her bed is just adorable! Where did you get that?

  6. Love how you are able to get from the idea/inspiration stage to the finished stage. You have no idea how many of us don't. I can't believe how well they turned out, when you think about the original starting place. Wow.

  7. Not every project needs to be an heirloom. Sometimes it's just fun to do something that's good for the interim - as you said, soon enough she'll be wanting to do her own thing, but someday she'll love the thought that you put her name together with such love.
    Her little bed is adorable!

  8. Well it's cute! And her little iron bed is so sweet.When she is older you could repurpose them again into corkboards for all her friends pictures and phone numbers. Just an idea. I'm trying to find the right frame to make a corkboard for my kitchen. The space is long and narrow. Haven't found anything yet.~Ames

  9. Don't know how that could look much better. GREAT idea, and so cute!

  10. It's good to hear your shopping isn't totally infallible!

    And at the same time, I love how you turned a miss into a hit with this project, which I DO like very much.


  11. Oh you are too hard on yourself- I really like it! Never would have thought to do that with cabinet doors!