Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Best Buddies

These two have been best buddies since they were born.
I love watching them play together. They dance, they giggle, they scream, they pretend.

I always wished for a friend like this in my childhood, but it never really happened for me. I'm so happy she has Claire in her life.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Just a Run-of-the-Mill Random Dance Party

I hope my kids and grandkids know how truly lucky they are to have Brad in their lives.

 Cleo wanted to join in the dancing. Look at her with Eve. And look at the look on Eve's face. She loves her daddy.
 And so do I.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Rollin' on the River

On a whim, we decided on a Denton family first. After living in the Valley of the Sun for 24 years, we tubed the Salt River.

We packed enough snacks for a 12-hour drive to Utah, rented tubes, and hopped on the bus which takes tubers upriver. It was more fun than I thought. Hyrum ran alongside our caravan, snagging treasures from the branches on the banks or off the bottom of the riverbed, while the rest of us just relaxed, snacked, and talked. We all loved seeing the wild horses cooling off in the water, watching their babies and grazing on the river’s provender. Most eventful moment of the whole trip was our exit, which included a screaming, fearful Eve getting dunked by her dad to get her untangled from the rope in her tube and also included a shocked Mom getting upended unexpectedly and being helped to the bank by a surefooted Hyrum because my shoes kept getting swept off by the current.

Not too bad for a first experience. Will we go back? To be determined at a later date.