Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Uncle Micah

Micah always makes time for his nieces and nephews. I wanted to always remember this exchange one Sunday evening during the golden hour between Micah and Eli.

Micah invited the little guy into the hammock with him so they could swing and talk about the deep things of the world.
Eli's mind is very unusual for a three-year-old, and that deep thinking leads to many funny conversations. This time, Micah was explaining to him what it's like to live on Venus and that you'd burn up on the surface. Eli didn't quite believe Micah until he'd received corroborating evidence from other adults.

I love this part of Micah's personality. He's really got a soft spot for the little one, just like his two older brothers, my brother, and my dad.

It will make him a great dad one day.

Just like it has his older brothers.

Eli didn't want to leave the provocative conversation with Micah, so Tucker threw him over his shoulders, teasing that Eli was his prisoner, and forcing the screaming kid into his carseat to go home to bed.

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