Here are just a few of my favorite posts: posts about mothering, photography, and design, lessons I've taught my kids and lessons they've taught me, posts that I love for one reason or another. By reading through these, you can get a quick idea what life at Denton Sanatorium is all about.

Sarah from Clover Lane invited me to participate in her "Coming Home" series. Here are my feelings about being a full-time stay-at-home mom for nearly 24 years.

A spider's web and tenacity: A little pep talk for moms everywhere

A post on marriage: What I Wish I'd Said

One of my favorite posts ever, I first wrote this the night before Heidi got married, and later I amended it as a paper for one of my grad school classes: My First Masterpiece

The Most Important Principle I Can Teach Them: Learning to work

My initiation into grandmothering

What I learned from a small yellow afghan 

A case of my DIY causing minor bodily harm and how my neighbor rescued me

Lessons learned from my children:

Lily and learning to dive: Just Jump

Ben's personal foul on the football field: Personal Foul, Personal Responsibility

Evie didn't need anesthesia after all: a trip to the dentist for a filling

What Ben taught me through instantaneous forgiveness

A letter to my two little boys on an ordinary day

Hyrum's belief that cotton candy can be free--and it was, twice

When Tucker left for his mission: Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tucker's return from his mission to Spanish speaking NYC

A Little Old Lady No More--couch transformation

Taking my mom on the trip of her lifetime: She Didn't Want to Go Anywhere Else

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