Monday, March 17, 2014

Drama Follows Her Wherever She Goes

Eve had a cavity.

Actually, Eve had three cavities, but one really needed attention.

Eve would NOT let the dentist fix her cavity.

Eve screamed so much that the dentist wouldn't risk filling her cavity.

Mom made an appointment with a pediatric dentist.

The pediatric dentist uses a method called, "twilight anesthesia."

Eve couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight the day of her appointment.
Mom told Eve she could stay in her pajamas and bring her silky to the dentist.

Mom closed the pantry door as they walked out the door to the dentist appoinment.

Mom noticed an open box of animal cookies.

Mom deduced.

Eve confessed.

Mom was right.

Mom was NOT happy, but she took Eve to the appointment anyway.

Eve was NOT happy that Mom was not happy.

The pediatric dentist was NOT happy that Eve had eaten.

The pediatric dentist would NOT put Eve under anesthesia.
Mom asked the dentist if he could fill the cavities without anesthesia, and if Eve got too upset, then they would make another appointment.

Mom threatened Eve that she better sit still while the pediatric dentist worked on her teeth.

Eve was afraid.

The pediatric assistant gave Eve an orange-flavored clown nose and tucked her silky blanket around her to "keep her safe."

Mom knew it was to keep her in a straight jacket.

Eve held still and watched The Little Mermaid while the pediatric dentist and pediatric assistant gave her shots and drilled her princess teeth and filled her cavities.
Mom was astounded.

The pediatric dentist was surprised.

The pediatric assistant was kind.

Eve was numb.

Eve got two surprises--one out of the treasure box and one out of the revolving prize tower--because she had been so good.

Mom saved $238 on anesthesia because Eve ate animal crackers for breakfast.

Eve was happy.

Mom was happy.

The End


  1. Eve deserves a BIG prize.

    Mom deserves a BIGGER prize and the $238...

  2. What a harrowing experience! And so lucky that naughty Eve ate the cookies.

  3. This is why I love your blog. You take an ordinary adventure from your life and turn it into a fun story for us to read and smile at.


  4. I LOVE animal cookies!! I understand her temptation.

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