Friday, November 21, 2008

Ever felt like this?

Inevitably I had to get ready for my day. So, around 1 pm, I dragged my lazy self up to my room, trying to decide what to wear to the doctor. I tried a new cute shirt--too small (shrunk in the dryer by a nameless assistant--grrr). I tried an old cute jacket--too tight (shrunk by me eating too much sugar lately--grr). I tried a loose summer shirt--too big (ill-fitting to begin with and a desperation purchase even when it was new--triple grrr and the latest addition to my DI pile). I tried my new cool boots from Spain--too cool for the likes of me (why was I thinking that I could pull those off anyway?). Finally, I settled on a few old standbys and went to tackle my hair and face. Ever feel like a $5000 shopping spree at Sephora can't help the likes of you? Fine hair, PMS complexion (at 39 you'd think I'd be too old for that, but you'd be wrong), not really a ball cap situation. Some days I wonder why I even try. I got as put together as I possibly could manage, and I convinced myself that it was good enough to leave the house. Went to the dr., came back, and Brad was here. What was the first thing out of his mouth? "Hey, you look really cute today." Could he have had any better timing? No. The question is: Did I really believe him? Jury's still out, but I'm leaning towards yes.
p.s. Good news, bad news . Good news: no stress fracture. YAY! Bad news: chronically bad adductus longus tendon=physical therapy for dang ever. UGH. Isn't there a pill I can just take?


  1. I feel like this every day. especially when I am 4 weeks away from delivering baby #6! I have never seen you when you don't look cute and put together. I am so sorry about not calling you about Lilly's lesson today - I had Musical Theater Nats and I totally forgot - please forgive me and we will see her on Wed.??

  2. Jeez Jenny, you sure wasted no time at becoming a prolific blog writer. Apparently I need to check you EVERY day or I miss something. hehe Loved the last two posts. I totally know what you're saying, especially about trying to find something to wear. I HATE that time of day when I have to actually attempt to find an appropriate outfit. I have NOTHING these days, and i'm totally blaming Max, NOT the over indulgence in all things cookie. Anywho, you're awesome, and I'm sure you really did look cute and of course Brad meant it, that's the beauty of husbands, they're sort of blind sometimes, and love us in spite of our "ugly" times.