Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Just Life!

I've started following a few of my friends' blogs, but it makes me feel a little lonely to know that no one really reads mine. I guess all great authors had to begin in anonymity.
Why is it that when our lives are so busy and full, even of good things, we forget to stop and be thankful? I am so blessed, and so lucky, and so happy. Thank You, Heavenly Father, for all my blessings. I am so annoyed at how the commercial world moves straight from Halloween to Christmas and glosses over Thanksgiving (except at the grocery stores, where I'm SO glad they remember!). Take the time to be grateful, as Elder Cook reminded us in Conference!
I'll try to remember too!


  1. The fact is, you used the word "hinterland" and THAT is why I love you and keep you around. I love me some big words. And another reason I love you and keep you around is, you're just fabulous. Thanks for the GREAT comment, I loved it. And I'm so excited that you've joined the blogging world, it's good times. Do be careful, it gets a bit addicting. However, I'm mostly pleased that I've been invited to "check it out and comment." I'm only mildly bitter that I'm not the FIRST commentor. Who IS this diana girl? hahaha Anyway, thanks again for the comment. I'll be sure to come by often and read, I don't like you to feel lonely.

  2. Yeah!!! I love it and will always accept you ...even when I am the stupid one!!!

    Love ya