Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still Hot--For 20 More Hours

Had to post while I was still "hot." Yesterday I went in for a bone scan of my hips--a completely painless procedure that takes half the day. But they do inject you with radioactive dye that lingers in your system for the next 60 hours. So I've got a few hot hours left.
So much to say, so completely exhausted. I know there are way bigger and harder and worse trials. But sometimes you just gotta complain about the small ones, and repent of your weakness. Here goes. Having two sick babies who are up at night is tiring, but when your 12-year-old comes in after you've been dead asleep for 90 minutes and asks for help on a Social Studies project that he can't possibly complete by morning and you can't resist his sweet, humble desperation, you wake with that "I'm-so-tired-I-think-I'm-gonna-toss" feeling. Maybe tonight's the night for some real, uninterrupted ZZZZs . . .
Here's hoping.
Here's repenting. Life is awesome!~And it's only 8 pm!


  1. What the? What is this procedure? You mentioned nothing. Should I be worried?

  2. No worries. Sorry to alarm. The dr. thinks I have a stress fracture at the neck of my femur from training for the marathon. I injured it before school started, and it's still bugging me. Nothing showed on xray, but he still thinks that's what it is. We'll know on Thursday. I'm a little afraid he'll put me down again for a few weeks. UGH! Not that pleasant.

  3. Jen - I thought you were always HOT!!!! at least thats the impression I get from Brad.

    Love ya