Thursday, January 1, 2009

Epiphany #1 for 2009

Pinatas Aren't about the Candy
Last night was teenage-almost-adult New Year at our house. Feeding my desire to be the coolest mom of all, I had a pinata for the guests. When the festivities got a little slow, I offered to get the pinata out. I had stuffed it with as much candy as it would hold (which was 1 Costco-sized bag of mini chocolate bars, 1 supersize bag of Tootsie candy, and 1 bag of Starbursts). We took it outside and hung it from the basketball hoop, and Heidi's friend Josh volunteered to go first. So I spun him as everyone shivered with the excitement and the cold (ok, cold is a loose term for AZ folks, but it was late and dark and it IS winter). Swing #1--contact! Swing #2--guffaws from the crowd. Swing #3--shattered and scattered! The first comment I heard, "Way to go, Josh. We all wanted to have some fun!" Candy sat on the ground for minutes while teenagers teased, giggled, and loitered. Eventually all the candy was retrieved, but only a tenth of it was eaten.
Epiphany #1 for 2009--Pinatas are about the violence.

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  1. i love pinatas...they vent my pent up anger that i get this house..........