Monday, January 19, 2009


Today is a school holiday--a two-edged sword.

I love the luxury of no schedule in the morning (with two toddlers in the house, this doesn't include sleeping in).

I hate losing my Monday (on the circadian cycle, I am an up-early, early-in-the-week girl). I don't have a "the clean the house, do the laundry, complete my chores" day. And that throws me off for the entire week. (Blogging interrupted to go start laundry.)

I love the possibility of doing a fun activity with my family.

I hate the kids complaining "That sounds dumb," "I have nothing to do," and watching too much Disney channel.

I love the flag flying in my yard, reminding of one reason I love America.

Tucker just told me I should stop blogging, because blogging makes me angry. It's not blogging--it's him looking over my shoulder, in the middle of my day, interrupting my me time.

Epiphany #16--I am addicted to schedule. I hate having my schedule interrupted.

Fatal personality flaw occurred. Reboot computer and restart the day.


  1. Does the restart work? Should I go back to bed and get up again in an hour?

  2. We've been having WAY too much Rock Band and Wii going on here. Cole's got a couple of friends over, and I just lost my temper with the noise of the Rock band. I can handle the mellow Wii noise much better.

    I'm trying to think of something fun to do, too. I took them to a movie on Saturday, so no movie today. We made brownies and I've really got to go and buy black paint. But that's not going to happen with this house full of kids.

  3. blogging doesn't make her angry...blogging makes her prone to anger. if you are to say, ask permission to do anything (even like, go to the bathroom) its a CAN'T YOU SEE I'M BUSY??????????????? but probably leaving her alone the entire 6 hours a day she blogs, then giving her a 1 hour cushion time after the period of blogging, it should be sufficient to relieve the prone to anger stuff

  4. That Tucker is funny. I just realized your blog picture is at the beach, by the shore......... You HATE sand....How did that picture happen??? Did you photo shop it?? Craig fell asleep at my parents door trick or treating when he was 4..

  5. I hear ya, things to work in a nice orderly fashion or everything is just out of sorts. It's like that if Jere is home for a holiday or something, he throws off everything, haha. And Tucker, you're KILLING me!