Saturday, January 3, 2009

NewYear's Resolutions--Finally, and Epiphany-Free (not quite)

After spending the last half hour looking for my original sheet of resolutions (set on December 29th--this is important later), I've given up, and I'm trying to remember all that I decided on. I can tell I'm almost 40, because I'm beginning to forget a few things. My memory is no longer razor sharp, more like Ginsu knife sharp. But, I refuse to give in to it.

Here goes:

#1--As one of the Young Women leaders, I feel like I need to support Sister Elaine Dalton's advice to them which is this: read five minutes in the Book of Mormon each day; pray daily; and smile every day. (Tried to post the link here, but it wouldn't work. Go to and pull up the January copy of the New Era, article about the new theme.)

#2--Organize one thing each day. I set this goal last year, and after a month or so, my house was so organized that I let the goal slip. But, I promise you, it will give you such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and euphoria (Epiphany #4 for 2009--A newly-organized closet, shelf, cupboard, or drawer is nature's answer to heroin), that you'll want to do it every day. Just don't lose focus and motivation after it's all been organized once this year. If your house is anything like mine, nothing stays organized for long (or out on your bed unattended, for that matter, as per the introduction of this entry).

#3--No sugar until Christmas Day, 2009. I've unfortunately discovered that I'm much nicer to be around when I avoid sugary stuff. Now, don't misunderstand. I'm not living like a diabetic or a monk. Example--I'll eat regular bread, but not a cinnamon roll; I'll eat pancakes, but no syrup or jam. And no candy, cake, brownies, or (the especially coveted and my eternal favorite) chocolate chip cookies. I gorged myself Christmas night, and I haven't imbibed since. Now that all of cyberspace knows of the commitment, maybe I'll really stick to it. I did it for a month this last year (while Brad was in Africa), and it wasn't too bad. But all year? Is it worth it to not be Elphaba to my family? Probably, but only partially willingly do I make this commitment. But, like my friend Paige said, "At least I don't have to quit smoking!" Small solace.

#4--Wait 30 seconds before I become annoyed or jump to a conclusion. As stated in my profile, and as anyone who knows me can attest, I'm not the most patient or tolerant of people. I've found if I just wait a little longer before expressing my opinion or accusing kids of criminal activity, things tend to work out a little smoother and a lot quieter (see Paige's blog on yelling as well). And, another plus, I hope to find myself having to apologize less and pull my foot out of my mouth less.

#5--Don't procrastinate. (Refer back to the introduction. See! I am trying.) What does this mean, exactly? I always convince myself that "I'll get to that later. I'll do that later. That doesn't really matter." But if I see something that needs to be done, and I do it (poopy diaper, picking up a small mess, delivering a note, getting a bib on the little boys, finishing a project instead of leaving it half-done and promising I'll get back to it, or working on a lesson that's a week away), I'm always glad I did it. So we'll see how this goes. Maybe it will be grand, and I'll become perfect, SuperMormonMomDeluxe; maybe it will make me crazy and frenetic, StinkySanitoriumPatientNotAdministrator. The jury's out.

Now my flaws and foibles are exposed, something I rarely do. What is this creature, the blog, that draws out our inner selves like leeches at a bloodletting?

Set your goals high this year, my friends!

P.S. In regards to my last post, are there any Church-approved baseball caps on the market, or does anyone have a giant-headed daughter with a slightly used Easter bonnet? I have to teach YW tomorrow, so I can't ditch Church.


  1. Way to go! I think your resolutions are fab, and perhaps I can borrow a couple. I SHOULD give up sugar for a whole year, but I'm just not sure I have THAT in me. Perhaps I should FIRST make a list of resolutions. Yep, that's a good place to start! Can't wait to see you on Tuesday.

  2. question is...what happens when she gets the sugar back on christmas? is there going to be a mass murder? will there be an explosion? will there simply be a female tasmanian devil? catapulting recklessly through teh house destroying her organized...stuff?