Thursday, January 22, 2009

What to Do?

So, since Baby S came to stay with us last night, my whole day's plans got shot. As previously mentioned, I am a schedule addict, and this development has sent my ideas for the day into a tailspin.

What to do, what to do?
Well, working on my lesson (yay me!)
Remodeled my blog (what do you think?)
Call today's babysitter and ask if she's available for tomorrow (done and done)

Epiphany #19--Old dogs' schedules are more comforting than rawhide chews.


  1. Man you have a lot of ephiphanies!

    P.S. You are HOT!!!

  2. How come my husband never comments on my blog?

    You are also my inspiration for daily blogs! :-)

  3. When do you SLEEP? Do I have to come down there and make you?

  4. i'm still waiting for the epiphanies about me...

  5. Jenny, I saw your comment at the Everyday Food storage site (isn't that site cool?) If you have You Tube blocked the video won't show up, because it's a You Tube link. I have to disable my blocker to watch the video. Jamie