Friday, January 23, 2009

UPS and an Organizer's Delight!

Roxy dog got a little crazy yesterday afternoon. Barking and pacing. I could tell someone was in the driveway, but I couldn't see cars or people anywhere. Suddenly there was a knock on the garage door. "Who knocks on the garage door?" thought I. "Anyone who would come to the garage door would just come in, wouldn't they?" Karen? Allyson? Amy?

Not if they're UPS! Why the garage door, I don't know. But this is what waited for me there:

The sight of the return label made my little heart go pitter patter. The package I had been waiting 5 days for. In this day and age of instant gratification, those five days have seemed forever! What was inside you say?

I spent the next half hour assembling the shelves and carefully selecting which cans would most efficiently fill the provided slots. Isn't it beautiful?

Epiphany #21--Nothing fills an organizer's heart with more joy than finding the exactly right tool to use in exactly right space to fill the exactly right purpose!


  1. Those are beautiful! And they came in such a small package! Where did you get them? I have a few of the small shelfreliance ones from Costco, and love them, but these look even better...that's envy you are reading there, I'll admit it...but I'm not coveting, I promise!

  2. LOVE IT! My pantry is in need of a major overhaul!! Send me the link. Did you get the things up in your craft room?

  3. I would love to get some of those too, please share where they came from. I hate puching old cans to the back!:)

  4. It is indeed a beautiful sight. It makes my organizer jealous of your organizer, oh, and of your huge amount of space to organzie said things. But, good for you, that's awesome!