Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ever feel like this?

Can't seem to get anything done?
Wander from place to place, wondering what should you do now, but can't muster the energy to do any of it?
Carbo-loaded on Club crackers and spray cheese until the artificial coloring tints your spit because neither contain a significant amount of sugar?
See the scale creep up 1.5 pounds and picture the world ending?
Look in the mirror and all you see is the outgrown hairstyle that demands attention but your stylist has been in China for a month?
Worked on a project that in your head was marvelous but in reality looks sneakingly like a twelve-year-old spearheaded it?
Searched furiously for the bread knife that your sons mysteriously spirited away, and the only bread in the house is homemade and unsliced?
Witness your annoyance reach intolerable levels, all because the lining of your favorite slippers is now painfully thin?

What's that you say?
It's Thursday?
That magical day of the week where I throw caution away?
Where grey skies instantly turn dazzling?
The day where I run around like a Tasmanian Devil like every other day, but I get to do it sans kiddos?
A day that is scheduled as tightly as possible--with doctor visits, CPS visitations, cannery assignments, grocery shopping, classroom volunteering, Sunday lesson prep, car washes, and lunch with one of my oldest friends?

If that's the case, then

Epiphany #41--Everyone needs a day like today.


  1. Well, I say, enjoy it, darling. I hope you get LOTS done.

  2. Love this post Jenny! Hope you had a great Thursday...Jamie

  3. Happy Thursday to you! Thanks for making me smile. Hope your day was terrific.

  4. I can't get over the fact that you posted this at 5:30 am!!! You are superwoman!!!--Janette :)