Monday, February 23, 2009

The Sugar Beast Is My Enemy

After a fairly emotional Friday, I succumbed to temptation.
Why I made chocolate chip cookies I just don't know. I didn't think I was that vulnerable.
Oops. Wrong again.
I'm becoming a little too familiar with my lack of perfection lately.
I ate a few of the delectable morsels--four or five, I didn't count.
And I went to bed a little guilty and a little happy.

And Saturday, the Beast raised its head.
I truly recognize now the effect sugar has on me.

I am (more) impatient.
I am (more) intolerant.
I am (more) ornery.
I am (more) grouchy.
I become the Beast.

My family doesn't need this Beast in an already raucous, noisy, crazy life.

In an act of complete unselfishness (because that's what it's going to take), I return to my vow of a sugarless existence.

To be the nice(er) mom.
To be the kind(er) mom.
To be the happy(ier) mom.
To be the patient(ier) mom.

I don't think they realize what a sacrifice I am making for them. They probably never will.

Epiphany #44--Sugar-free pudding ain't so bad.
I hope this to be my last post on the subject. But I am human.


  1. Okay, i will try the sugarless pudding also...maybe it gets easier for you that way...

    Yes, what a funny picture of Moos. Putting his nose underneath the curtains. He really thought it was enough!

  2. See, I'm the opposite. I'm impatient and intolerant when I DON'T have sugar.