Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Are You Implying?

Warning: This entry is not for the faint of heart.

When I went to see the doctor about my hip, he told me that I had an injury to the labrum of my hip joint, something something something, and a stage 1 of 4 pre-arthritis.
What are you implying?

When I went to see the aesthetist for a microderm abrasion for my acne (truly a plague of the young!), she said that my skin probably couldn't tolerate the same treatment given to Heidi.
What are you implying?

When I was sewing yesterday, I spent a few hours sprawled across the floor in unnatural positions, reaching, stretching, reconfiguring and adjusting. Didn't think a thing of it. This morning, I woke up SORE. My mom told me once that she was sore after sewing too long.
What are you implying?

When I watched Oprah last week (not a regular occurrence, just FYI), she said that the information about hormone replacement and menopause applied to me.
What are you implying?

Dr. Peterson said, "First of all , we are exactly the same age . . ."
Libby said, "At your age . . ."
Mom said, "I'm getting old . . ."
Oprah said "Any woman who plans on living over the age of 35 . . ."

This body has given birth seven times.
This body has climbed Mount Baldy.
This body has run two marathons.
This body has ridden horses for days on end.

It's 2009. In six months and sixteen days, the calendar will tell me something else.


No more implication needed. Then I really will be . . .
Epiphany #31--Acting your age age is relative, but the calendar doesn't lie.


  1. Great post. This getting older thing SUCKS! And your WAY older than me, hahahahahahahah I KID! But, I hear ya, how is it possible that we're starting to be like "our moms"?

  2. Forty is a piece of cake. Fifty is just dandy. I never cared about a birthday with a zero until now and I will definitely be over the hill, a senior citizen, old - even elderly. Wanna trade, you sweet, young thing?

  3. Ya well 40 your sight gets worse and you need glasses. Your teenagers stay up and out way later than you want to stay up. and shortly after that you become a grandparent. Life get's better every day.

  4. Hi Jenny,

    Great blog...and I am just a little over 2 weeks from the big 40. AKKK! Truly...I can't even believe it...I still think I am about 26. Who sped up the years?