Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another guest post

Well, CPS came and got Baby C today. Though it was a little sad to see her go, I can't say I'm entirely bumming about it--I think that six kids is enough for one single dad to handle. And the Dampt cousins were here last night too. As for meals, would any of you care to argue that mac 'n' cheese for both lunch and dinner are wrong? Not people who abandon their family to gallavant in NYC, I daresay.

And does anyone claim that video games don't help young'uns learn hand-eye coordination? Especially if it keeps the little beasts quiet while dad is using his BlackBerry to keep clients happy. I thought not.

Baby A put a pretty good scratch on Hyrum's cheek, but he's all right. The kids have been keeping the house pretty clean. I even got a couple new clients this week. So all's well in the world. Maybe I'll go buy a new TV to put in our bedroom. Ours died, so looks like Wal-Mart's gonna get 200 more of my bucks. Honestly, is there anything more decadent than lounging around watching TV in bed? And if you're wife's not in town, she can't roll her eyes at your program choices, or whine about the flickering light keeping her awake. I'm just saying.

In fact, you know what? I'm gonna get me a massage this week too. Yeah, baby. I need to think of some other stuff that's fun and vaguely bad, but not bad enough that a cross-continent-cavorting spouse has any right to criticize. Or decide not to come back!


  1. Looks like you are doing a super job-just like you do at everything. We love the pictures-and all of you!

  2. Your pictures make me homesick!
    I want pictures of T and B and L!
    It sounds like it's great without me. Maybe I need to extend my trip . . .

  3. Or buy shoes. Now that's extravagance.

  4. You are SUPER DAD. Able to feed and care for 7 children all week including an infant (who is not your own) all while bringing in new clients, taking fun pictures AND posting humerously on the blog.

  5. brad!!!!! free massages at brenn's house!!!!!! just sayin....

  6. Jenny, you want more pics?! You need to be POSTING pics, girl. How many pictures of a kid with a bowl of mac 'n' cheese deserve to be on a blog? Sheesh, let's see some Statue of Liberty, some Ellis Island, some Battery Park, somebody getting mugged, some adult bookstores, all that Big Apple stuff we're missing. Don't you worry about us--you earned your peace of mind now back while I was cavorting in Mozambique!

  7. You are doing a fabulous job!
    Please just don't even tell me if there is, in fact, a problem with mac-n-cheese for lunch, dinner, and breakfast the next morning!

  8. Personally, I'm impressed. In fact, you are something of a marvel.

  9. You are awesome - must be why I tried to run off with you at Lake Powell!

    Love your posts!