Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Epiphany #61

Epiphany #61--The simple things in life are the best.

Waking up to the birds singing and the sun rising, not a startling alarm.

Sleeping all night without an alarming call from the toddlers' room.

Mail from a new friend: Thanks, Sue!

Peanut M&Ms.

Knowing there's more bread left when you burn your toast.

Participating in an Easter Pageant that teaches of the life of our Savior.


Add to my list! What are your simple pleasures?
Have a fantastic day!


  1. I love this post.

    A few of my simple pleasures:
    Princie saying Good Morning
    Peanut M&Ms (we do think alike)
    a good book
    cuddle time with kids
    comments from blogging friends

  2. Glad you got the book, Jen! (Am I right in thinking that is the "mail" you mentioned?)

    Your post made me smile.

    Here are a dozen of my favorites...

    a spontaneous hug from my husband
    a phone call or visit from one of my kids
    good news from anyone I love
    a homemade tamale
    bright blue sky peeking through leaves/branches
    tears over something funny or beautiful
    scent of lemon, gingerbread, and mulling spices
    books, books, books and music, music, music
    yummy candles
    cozy conversation with a friend
    reading great blogs like yours
    comments from my blog pals =)

  3. Sitting in the family room with my best friend shooting the breeze and laughing!

  4. I love peanut M&Ms that have no peanut. For some reason I find great joy in finding that rare treat. And, no--it's not just the same as a plain M&M, it's ten times better.

    The sound of Primary children singing, wait until you hear the song we are learning for April, it makes me cry every time.

    the quiet hours of the early morning
    smell of lilacs
    fields of wildflowers
    the view from a mountaintop
    fresh lemonade (need any lemons?)

    Micah telling me the scripture for the month (he did such a good job!). Or Lily, or Janalee, or Hollyn, or ...any of them. I was so happy I could cry...maybe I should blog about it!

    Good thing to think about!

  5. You Arizona folks don't understand the total pleasure that comes from getting into a heated bed at night when outside the wind is howling and the whole world sounds cold. When spring has finally given way to summer I walk around the yard every day to see the progress of every living thing on the property. Of course, Idahoans also enjoy all of the above, especially phone calls and remembrances from family.

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