Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Possibly the world's most boring guest post

Well, when I blog I go with the theory that I'm writing to grandma. Who else would be interested in what we had for dinner and silly stuff like that? So, boring as today has been, I'm layin' it out there, baby!

Okay, so first, the weather was pretty warm, high 80s. The kids even got in the pool, which was intermittent short dips interspersed with longer sessions of shivering in towels. But as long as they ain't fighting, then I say let 'em shiver.

And spring is here! I watered flowers and generally puttered around in the yard a little bit. Some blooms:

We all ate Chinese for dinner, and Hyrum was incensed that he wasn't initially offered chopsticks. So everyone who wanted 'em got chopsticks to eat with. After that, things were pretty uneventful, though dinner went maybe a little slowly, and Roxy had to clean up even more leftovers than normal off the floor. If you look closely, you'll see that no washable dishes were harmed in the production of this meal.

Okay, so that's it around the homefront. Now, Jenny, I certainly hope that you can impress your legions of bloglings with something more interesting than that!


  1. and for me, not just Grandma.
    Where's Lily? Is the house staying clean?

  2. What's wrong with writing for Grandma?