Monday, March 30, 2009

Rum Diddy Is Two

Epiphany #60--It doesn't take much to throw a two-year-old's party.

Twenty-four cans of play-doh
Sidewalk chalk
A battery-operated bubble gun

And relighting the candle 5 times, just for fun!

Happy Birthday, Hyrum. We love you!


  1. No Way!! - I cannot believe how fast time is going! Happy Birthday Hyrum!!

  2. Segullah has a great article today on the small and simple things. I guess a 2-year-old's birthday party would definitely qualify! (Unless, of course, there are 2-year-old which case, nerves of steel would also be required...)

    Happy birthday to Hyrum!

  3. I particularly like the guests/siblings in their pageant finery. Looks like a very fancy birthday party for a cute 2 year old. How did baby A do with the big to do for Hyrum? And, did he like the birthday gift Micah got from the Bishop for him--did it actually make it to the little man?

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