Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seasoned Mother

You know you're a seasoned mother when:

You scoop up your almost-two-year-old from tramping in the mud and ingesting Sunny D and frozen Go-gurt, intent on cleaning him up enough for his nap. Upon said scooping, he begins to cough. What came next? Citrus-scented, orange-tinted, cough-induced puke.
My lightning-fast reflexes somewhat addled by the attempt to keep his muddy shoes off me, I turned him as fast as I could.
Most of it missed me.
Lucky me.
Epiphany #47--You can never be faster than vomit.
At least it wasn't the middle of the night.
At least I hadn't showered yet.
That's me. An optimist!


  1. You are a seasoned mother! You are supposed to clean up your kids before they nap? :)
    I loved your post about your trip! Looks like you had such a good time. Can you believe the weather we are getting? I know I should be thankful but I need a few more cool days.:)

  2. Ok, love this! Thanks for the laugh. I just love you to pieces.

  3. But you can point the vomit in the right direction.