Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Once Was, Never Will Be

Fez, Morocco is world-renowned for its beautiful ceramic and tile work.
When we were there in October, Brad bought three tangines, a serving saucer with a cone-shaped lid.
Yesterday, while the entire family was busily helping Nancy and her family move back to Utah, Baby A and Hyrum discovered these dishes on our bedroom shelf. What made them decide to cart them all the way into the bathroom, we'll never know.
One lone saucer remains.

Why is it that when left alone, toddlers' minds work in such a fashion?

A similar story from when I was pregnant with Hyrum:
I have extremely difficult pregnancies--to the point where I am in bed for months on end with my cervix sewn shut.
It was New Year's Day, 2007. All the family had gone to Aunt Amy's celebration except for me and 2 1/2 year-old Micah. I plopped Nemo into the DVD player and then, exhausted, I sprawled out on the family room couch while Micah watched. I was so tired that I didn't hear anything. When I awoke, I could tell from the scene of the movie that I had been unconscious for about twenty minutes. Twenty minutes. What could a single toddler really do in a mere twenty minutes, you say?
I looked for Micah, and I didn't immediately see him, but I did see a trail of broken eggs leading from the TV to the fridge about 12 feet away. How many, you ask? 55. Fifty-five shattered eggs. FIFTY-FIVE SHATTERED EGGS! A Costco-size carton of eggs minus the five I'd used to make french toast. How could I have slept through that? And how, pray tell, could Micah open the fridge?
Remember my bed rest edict. No one else was home, so I had to basically crawl on my hands and knees in my nightgown, removing the carnage. I must have been quite the sight. Belly to the floor, crawling and cleaning.
Luckily, all the mess was contained on wood floor, so no carpet or fabric was involved. To this day I wish I'd had the presence of mind to grab a camera to document the truthfulness of this occurrence. Now all you have is my word for it and shards of pottery to remind you of the lessons learned that day:

Epiphany #53--Toddlers are Jackson Pollock creative.
Epiphany #54--Never parent without a camera. Sometimes, that's the only way people will believe you.

Have a happy day!


  1. #54 is fantatic!
    Sorry about the dishes!!!

    On a more positive note, is that your tub in the background of the picture because it is deliciously gourgeous!!

  2. Cleaning up eggs is NASTY business.

  3. My DIL gets almost completely incapacitated during her pregnancies...with morning sickness that lasts all day and throughout the whole pregnancy. Last time, she had to have a permanent IV placed so she could take fluids every day. Awful!

    That's a shame about the dishes, but as far as clean-up goes, dishes = preferable to eggs. Yuck.

    Ah, the joys of mothering!

  4. So Sad! I hope you have found a safe place to keep the last dish. Did you walk this morning? I loved yesterday's post. Are you hopeing to work back into running, or is walking a marathon in your future? I love those early morning hours. Jamie

  5. YES! I WILL be sitting with you!! This is really not an option and I've already told Jenee and Nanci that I MUST be with your family or that you guys MUST be right next to the Saducees like last year. However, because we had too much fun and people got offended they may sepparate us. BUT, they won't be able to keep me away. I've got NOBODY this year. I'm flying solo. I WILL be a Denton this year for sure.

    Looking forward to Brad pushing me down the stairs again.