Thursday, May 7, 2009


Why is it so difficult to parent after 6 pm?

Why does it take 6 different versions of the same instructions to get kids to do what you say?

Why don't toddlers and preschoolers ever want to go to bed, even when they're bawling with exhaustion?

Why do you feel that surge of love for your kids when they're asleep?

Why is there never milk in the fridge on Sunday morning?

Feel free to add to this list . . .


  1. I think the surge of love is a direct gift from the Big Guy Upstairs. He knows without it, we'd put them in bed, and run. Run far, far away.

    Is that thought completely inappropriate? Oh well, some days I think its true. :)

    But, oh my, aren't they beautiful when they sleep? Deliciousness!

  2. Being here with my grandkids has reminded me how exhausting the day-in and day-out parenting of little ones can be. Hugs to all of you who are still in the trenches!


  3. Here's the thing. I hate your stripes. Get a new theme.

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  5. Why is the poster board sold out at midnight the night before the BIG project is due at school?

  6. Why are there dandelions, and why do the kids insist on BLOWING them, spreading more and MORE seeds.