Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Funny quotes from our Sanatorium this week:
Micah and his friend Jake were having an ice cream treat. They quickly became disenchanted by it when everyone else pulled out ice cream sandwiches. Before Mom could notice, both of them slid off their bar stools and robbed the freezer of two more ice cream sandwiches.

Mom: "Put those back, boys. You guys already have ice cream."

Jake: "But these are sandwiches."

Mom: Humor and clever-thinking points awarded. "Go ahead." Laughter stifled by all in the room.

Dinner table conversation two nights ago

Mom: "How is the new employee working out?"

Heidi: "Great."

Brad: "I don't know. I was locked in my office all day."

Lily (in all innocence and sincerity): "When did they come let you out?"

Family Home Evening Baby Discussion:
Micah: "How can the doctor see if the baby's a boy or a girl?"

Mom: "He has a special machine that can see inside my tummy."

Micah: "But how can he see?"

Ben: "Micah, it's not like the baby comes out wearing an Italian suit!"

This afternoon:

Aunt comes over to drop off cousin to play. Aunt lingers to discuss important mom issues.

Ben: "Mom, can we please play Wii?"

Mom: "No. You know all the disks are off limits for a week."

Ben: "Please???"

Mom: "No."

Cousin to Aunt: "Can we go to our house?"


  1. Thanks for the laugh. I can't tell you how badly I needed it.

  2. heehee - I needed a laugh, too. (Hectic blogging experience tonight.) The place we're staying takes about an hour to upload one picture. Not even kidding!

    Your kids sound pretty entertaining...


  3. That's great stuff!!! Good negotiation skills get points in my house too!!

  4. Love the kids quotes! I wanted to add my latest favorite from our house:

    Michael (age 4): Mom, I love you one hundred thousand trillion pi.

    Mom: I love you one hundred thousand trillion cake!

    Michael: (somewhat confused) Is cake a number?

    Crazy kids!