Thursday, August 6, 2009

And Now a Word from Hyrum

Hi. I'm "Eye-um." I thought that I would still get to be the baby of the family for three more months. But I was wrong.
Lately, Mom has been acting like I'm big or something. Occasionally she dumps my dirty diapers in the potty and then makes me sit there for a minute, wipes my bum, and then she lets me flush the toilet. Right now I think that's cool, but I have a bad feeling about all this . . .
But this isn't the hardest part of my life. Not by a long shot. You see, yesterday morning I woke up and all of my pacys except this one had disappeared.
Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Well I noticed right away that something wasn't the same. Mom had cut a hole in it. For a few minutes I cried, "Pacy, bo-ken." Then Tucker held me, and I decided it wasn't too broken to suck. Mom had really planned on me hating it and discarding it. But I'm smarter than my old mom, that's for sure. Keep it 'til my dying day, I say! And you'll take the silky out of my college dorm! So don't be thinking anything crazy about it!

post-script by Mom:
As much as I hate to face reality these days, I know it's time to take away Hyrum's pacy. Well before Baby gets here and he's taking hers! I always feel guilty doing this to my sweet little monkeys, who know nothing more than that they love it and need it. I was hoping he'd ditch it yesterday, but I just couldn't be that heartless. A little snip a day, and hopefully he'll be done with it. Who am I kidding? He's his mother's child.Do you remember these beauties? Ah. Fondly do I recall the days of the early 70's, when such a binky as this was my constant companion. You think I'm joking? Ask Mom. One of my earliest memories was of the day that we were parted--sometime in 1972, I believe, at the tender age of 3. I remember tiptoeing to the garbage can that night, digging around until I found my golden friend, then sneaking back to bed, with Mom and Dad none the wiser.
How can I do this to my child? Will he be traumatized for life, as I have been? I'll keep you posted!

post-post-script: My friend Sue is celebrating 1 year in the blogosphere. Her writing is compassionate and entertaining. Stop on over for a treat. Click the link above, or just use the convenient button to the right. You won't be disappointed!


  1. Yep, getting rid of that pacifier is always a challenge, and NOT the fun kind! I think you're right about the timing, though...before the new little one arrives.


    PS. Thanks for your kind words, Jen. You made my day. (And thanks for the link, too!)

  2. Some of us sucked our thumbs and that was wwaayyy harder to get rid of, some of us maybe even indulged until we were uumm...12. So if I got to choose I would choose the potty training to be sucessful!

    Good Luck!

    PS: my word is whinies - seems like whining is in my blood this week.

  3. I had a friend who had the "binky fairy" come and take the binky to give to other kids who needed them.... and I slept with my silky until I was married. I know. Issues. But we all have them.