Thursday, August 27, 2009

What the Heck?

Bizarre happenings in the Sanatorium:
Tucker--unwilling to audition for "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." What the heck?
Lily--while auditioning for said show, dissolving into a puddle of tears, overcome with stage fright. What the heck?
Micah--after being in bed for two hours, found whimpering and sitting on the bathroom sink in the dark, muttering, "I just need . . . I just wanted . . . " What the heck?
Ben--sleeping like a normal person with his blanket covering him and his head on the pillow where it belongs. What the heck?
And me--measuring three weeks big and gaining weight faster than "The Biggest Loser" loses it. Suspect? Gestational diabetes. I'll take the second test tomorrow. What the heck?

Epiphany #90--Sometimes it's the little things that surprise us most.

post-script: After completing this entry, I found out that my dear friend Janette is back in surgery after having her appendix removed yesterday. Oh, and by the way, she had a baby on Saturday. Rough, huh? Keep her in your prayers.


  1. You're right. There's a lot going on at your house!

    First of all, I will say a prayer for your friend right now, with a PS about your possible gestational diabetes.

    As for your kids, what else is new? Teenage angst is alive and living in AZ! (Such fun, isn't it?) Especially when you're in the midst of your last trimester!

    Hope things settle down a bit soon.


  2. Never a dull moment, is there?
    Keeping you, your family, and the friend in my prayers. :)

  3. That Tucker, I'm coming over for a good butt whoopin! Lily? That is a HUGE what the heck! Good thing she's really cute and Dana knows what she is capable of. I will certainly hope and pray that there is no gestational diabetes, 'cause that equals no fun. But hey, you're good at the "no fun" part of pregnancy. hahaha

  4. WOW! I am so glad that Lily was brave enough to sing - she did great! I hope your life settles down a bit too. There are a few mothers coming from our side of town to Joseph rehearsals so it would be good if we could work out a carpool. I can never take anybody but I am glad to drive them home whenever possible. Call me.