Friday, August 21, 2009

When What to My Wondering Eyes Should Appear?

What a day.
It began with my dear hubby completing the yard irrigation from 1:05 to 2:05 AM, without disturbing me.
It continued with my dear hubby taking the kids to clean the building at 5:30 am, getting them off to school, cutting and preparing fresh peaches and pineapple for my breakfast, without so much as me stirring. Until 7:10 am!
What a great gift.
At 7:10 am, the phone rang, and it was a friend, asking if "we could come over with doughnuts this morning around 9?" Sure, methought. She and her 2-year-old triplets are welcome any time.
Hyrum came in about this time, "Hi, Mommy! Hi, Mommy!" quickly followed by Daddy saying, "Oh, sorry, you're up. But you really should take a look outside."

I unhurriedly got dressed in some sweats, kissed kids goodbye, and wandered (waddled) outside. Balloons, signs, candy! What a surprise! All the balloons were weighted down with bags of candy and "Top 40" lists--from movies to music to trivia (no, I was unaware that Phyllis Diller is Susan Lucci's mother!).
Four poster boards were taped on the house, with lists of "Top 40 Things We've Learned from Jenny," and Forty Things We Love about Jenny." Some made me laugh out loud, as I could identify the anonymous statement's author by its content. Some I couldn't identify. And some, admittedly, brought tears to my eyes.
I savored these boards for a while, alternating between straightening the house a little for our visitors at 9 and getting candy out of the bags for Hyrum."
Around 8:50, the phone rang. It was Rexburg! I got to talk to Heidi for a few minutes, then the doorbell rang. It was Joyce, all right, sans triplets, but she'd brought about 15 of my friends with her! Hadn't combed my hair or even dressed properly for the day, for that matter. But they kept streaming in, bringing treats and small gifts and joy with every knock. What a surprise!
They all stayed for a few hours, laughing at the quote boards and eating.

Like I said yesterday, I have great friends. But this?
This has to be the greatest birthday ever.
Thank you isn't enough.
Epiphany #88--It's fabulous to be forty!


  1. I LOVE your friends. What a neat thing to do. And boy, did you ever need and deserve it.

    Happy birthday!!!


  2. I sure hope i can be as fabulous at 40 as you are! Glad you had a great day.

  3. That is SO sweet! I'm glad it was a wonderful birthday!

  4. I thought about you all day and hoped that you had a fun day! You deserve a great day, a great year! You are awesome! Happy Belated Birthday!

  5. Sorry I'm so late with the birthday wishes! Glad to hear you had such a wonderful day!! Your friends are fantastic!