Thursday, September 24, 2009

33-and-a-Half Weeks, and Counting!

I had a dr. visit this morning.
All's good.
Except for one thing.
Gummy Bear is breach.
On October 8th, he will remove the stitch and ultrasound for presentation. If she's still breach, he will turn her.

Anyone ever had that done?
I have. With Micah. And the only thing that makes the pain bearable is the idea that these 2-3 minutes may avoid a C-section. It is absolutely AWFUL!
Here's hoping. But I think she's pretty comfy!


  1. First off, so happy to see an actual picture of YOU! You're adorable, and oh so pregnantly adorable! Secondly, sorry about the breach thing, we'll hold out hope and prayers for a turn in baby girl. Miss you, need to come visit soon.

  2. Didn't we just talk about that? Must have jinxed you, darn it! That stinks, here's hoping she's an agreeable sort and turns on her own, she has time, and plenty of room! Cute photo of you by the way.

  3. Can you hang upside down or something?

  4. Hope she turns!!!


    PS. Barring that, my back-up hope is that the doctor successfully turns her!

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry! That doesn't At all!

  6. That is such a cute picture of you. I hope gummy bear turns! They tried to turn one of my babies and it was painful so I hope she hears you and is cooperative. Good luck!

  7. Oh where, Oh where has my favorite blog gone,
    Oh where, oh where can it be?
    With family in town and no computer around,
    Oh where, oh where can it be?

    Name that tune!(Yes, you were supposed to be singing that as you read it) Hope you are enjoying your visit, and just wanted you to know I miss reading your mind.

  8. You look precious! I love the picture!! Here's hoping Gummy Bear turns her little tail around! :)