Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cherry Pie a la Mode

The ironic juxtaposition of my last post and how I spent most of my Labor Day weekend--watching (most) of BYU's defeat of Oklahoma in Cowboy Stadium (game was too long for the set timer, but luckily we already knew the outcome, and what about that stadium!), and spending seven hours of my holiday Monday amidst the saguaros in the outer reaches of the Valley watching Ben's Cherokees defeat the Aggies 35-6 (and sweating literally a gallon of precious pregnant-woman sweat in the process). That's me, I suppose. Irony and contradiction. But I do love my football!

Have you ever felt like life is just about as great as it can possibly be?
You, know. Those rare moments when you recognize that little ill has crossed your path, many items have been crossed off your list, and few negative thoughts have crossed your mind?
I am enjoying this nirvana. This utopia. This life.

School has been in session for almost four weeks now, and I think we've had smooth mornings every day but one.
I am still not sleeping very well, but better than I was. And most days, if I need to, I can squeeze in a nap during that precious two hours when my house is absolutely still.
My kids seem to be on top of their schoolwork, a bubble I am prepared to see burst when progress reports come home in a week. But until then, blissful ignorance.
My kids are generally remembering to practice their various instruments and skills, remembering their homework, and helping with chores almost every time they're asked.
I can still bend over and help with shoelaces or pick up a stray toy.
I have time every day to do things I would like to do--run errands, make pies for Enrichment tonight, fold laundry, or read a book or magazine.
I love watching my kids swim in the pool with their dad or sword-fight each other on the Wii or joke and laugh with me before bed or talk to them for extended periods on the phone.

I hope that you have had times in your life where you can look around and see, smell, and pick the roses. I'm in the middle of the garden, and the plethora of colors and smells is almost overwhelming.

I know it can't last. I know it won't last. Something big is coming. In, oh, 60 days or so. And then I'll be thrown into the new baby arena, with little sleep, misshapen body, and roller-coaster hormones.
And that will be a new adventure all its own, one I'm anticipating with joy.
And if not Gummy Bear, something else.

But until that pin comes to pop my utopian bubble (and it will come, I know from past experience), I vow to enjoy every minute. And be grateful.
And as soon as the pie is cool enough to cut, I'm finding the ice cream scoop.

Epiphany #93--Life is good. Enjoy it.

And check out my friend Sue's 300th post. She is worth your time!


  1. Hey! I want some pie! Don't eat it all.

  2. I'm glad you're in one of those golden times when all feels right with the world. It's great to be able to store up some reserves of "goodness" before all the new baby craziness sets in.

    Thanks for the link to my giveaway! You are one terrific blogging buddy.


  3. Pie looks fabulous! Make sure Brad doesn't eat it all before Enrichment. It's good to read something positive and joyful when so much of what we hear and read is negative. Thanks for sharing the good, as well as the bad.

  4. I'm so glad you are in a happy place right now. Someone should be, and you deserve it!! Do enjoy it! Now Bradley, are you implying in that comment that your darling wife would eat the ENTIRE pie without you? Rude! Happy rose smelling.

  5. Oh, it was so nice to read about what your family is up to! I miss little kids. The only ones up here at BYU are the babies in strollers that some people take to campus. Love your new blog design by the way!