Monday, September 21, 2009

A Monday Kind of Gal

Here's a little secret:
I LOVE Mondays!
I wonder what percentage of the population can or will admit to loving Monday? Small, I'm sure. But I've never really been a textbook personality.
Monday is the day of the week where I can almost guarantee getting stuff done. My laundry is always washed on Monday (notice "washed," not "folded"). I always wake up early on Monday. I plan meals and clean the house and run errands on Monday. Rarely do I ever indulge in a pregnancy-induced nap on Monday. And I usually begrudge any holiday (like Labor Day or Memorial Day) that encroaches on this golden time of the week.

I've contemplated this anomaly.
Why am I a Monday kind of gal? What is it about Monday that is so enticing for me?
I recently discovered the answer.

I am a Monday gal primarily because I rest on Sunday. Short or long naps. Lounging with my kids. Family bike rides or walks (pre- and post-pregnancy). Dinner with extended family. Working on my calling. Reading. Studying. Ignoring most housework (except for straightening up before bed). Getting to bed early.

I got all the kids in bed early last night. How early? Everyone was in their rooms, reading or sleeping, before 8 pm. Then, I climbed into bed, sorted through my Young Women's notebook and bag, took some notes on upcoming meetings and activities, then took a walk down the hallway around 9:15. Stopped at each doorway, checking my sleeping children (even my big boys!), and reveling in the peace and happiness of a Sunday night. Then I crawled into bed after a prayer of gratitude for my life.

And this morning I woke to Tucker's shower, thinking, "Ah, another glorious Monday!"

Epiphany #96-- I realized that I'm a Monday gal because Heavenly Father gave us the Sabbath to rest.

Hope your Monday is just as glorious!
And I discovered a bit of heaven today at Target.
If you indulge in Lindor balls, this is the treat for you! They melt just like a Lindor chocolate, but so much cheaper!


  1. Ah! Another Mom who appreciates Mondays like I do! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mondays! Kids are gone, the house is's my Day!
    Nice to know there's another Monday-lovin-Mom!

  2. I've always been fond of Mondays, too, and I agree it's because Sunday has allowed me to get centered and grounded again.


  3. Seriously, the ENTIRE family in bed before 8:00, that's just mind boggling. How do you get a 17 year old to do that? Good for you, GOOD FOR YOU! I myself lack the discipline to actually go to bed early, when I full well can. Hence my constant state of tired. Ah well, someone has to have the good sense, and apparently that someone is YOU! Oh, and I like Mondays too, 'cause it's usually my day to get stuff done and I know I have no students coming, so there is no time constraint.