Friday, October 9, 2009

I Just Can't Let This One Pass . . .

Apparently, Barack doesn't have enough charm for the IOC, but Norwegians love him.

The Nobel Peace Prize? Are we being punk'd?

What has he really done? Given speeches in Muslim countries (while breaking all their rules of etiquette and modesty), assembled huge crowds in Europe (while dissing the United States), and worked tirelessly to socialize our healthcare and automotive industry and banking system. How has this aided world peace? My only comfort is that most of the world sees this as just as much of a joke as I do.

What chaps me the most is the list of Americans who have also received this award: granted, that list does include Al "the sky is falling" Gore and Jimmy "couldn't do much as President" Carter. But also on that list: Woodrow Wilson (remember World War I?). Theodore "Rough Rider himself" Roosevelt. Martin Luther King, Jr. And my all-time favorite, Elie Wiesel. If you haven't read his book, Night, it is truly a triumph of the human spirit.

And now, Barack Obama. Where have all the heroes gone?


  1. Thanks. Now I don't need to write about this madness because you have already done so, and perfectly.


    PS. I am dumbfounded by the whole thing.

  2. I almost feel bad for the guy with all the ridicule and mockery going his direction. What a joke.

    My Mom was on a mission in Germany last year, and Germans LOVE him. Even the right thinking Germans. It's like the world is having a love affair with Barak Obama. So bizarre.