Thursday, October 15, 2009


I still don't know what to do about H1N1, but thanks for all your opinions. My biggest concern is that the vaccine is still not widely available in AZ anyway, so why stress about something I can't do anything about? Lily has turned up sick the last few days, and I wonder if it's regular or swine . . . And does that mean the rest of us are going to get it now? And if that's the case, then I want to keep Gummy Bear where she is as long as possible, till it all runs its course (like I have any choice on the matter). I've read all the statistics about pregnant women being an especially high-risk group, but if I can't get the vaccine, what does that matter? This is definitely one of those moments where I wish I could see the future . . .

Speaking of the future:
I've had a few requests for not only monthly estimates but a place for more specific guesses about Gummy Bear's arrival. Today's the day. But before registering your ideas, let me give you a little information:

All of my babies have been early. Heidi doesn't count. Tucker was one day early. Ben was nine days early. Lily and Micah were both nineteen days early, and Hyrum was also nine days early. I had a cerclage with the last two, and both of them were removed with no true signs of labor. Both times I was dilated to at least a 3 (with Micah I was a 4), and at least 50% effaced. Both times, the doctor checked me, stripped my membranes, then accidentally broke my water. So . . . I don't think that either of the last two would have come when they did without medical "assistance."
That being said, as stated above, I am determined to keep her where she is as long as I can. I do have a doctor's visit scheduled for Tuesday, October 20th, so that might lead to something, I don't know. But I'm not going to ask for any help on the matter.
When Doctor H. did the ultrasound last week, he said he'd be surprised if this baby was over seven pounds--her measurements indicated that she was about 5 lb. 12 oz. All of my babies except Tucker have been between 6 and 7 pounds (oh, and Heidi, but like I said, she doesn't count).
With all of that rambling to digest, take a minute to formulate your guesses--date of arrival and birth weight and length. Why would you want to do such a thing? Because there is a prize on the line!
A five-pound bag of pink gummy bears! I know a lot of you don't leave comments, and if you want to stay anonymous and still register your guesses, feel free to leave an anonymous comment on my blog, then email me your name (email address is in my profile).

Good luck, and everyone, please stay healthy. This crud that's going around is really quite awful, and my little Lily has lost all of her sparkle. Hard to imagine, I know. I wouldn't want that for you and your families.


  1. Are you going to have Lily tested to see if she has swine or regular flu? That's one of the hardest parts of this to me, how do you know? Now I really wish I had Kiefer tested when he came home from EFY sick (and they had an outbreak of H1N1 while he was there). It ran its course through all of us--except Jeff. At least I'd know! Not sure of my guess...I will have to ponder and let it stew a while, after all there is a 5 lb bag at stake! Maybe I should ask Sage...

  2. I'm going to say October 25th because that is my eldest son's birthday. And I am guessing 20 inches long and 6.8 pounds.

    I can see where you want to keep the baby in there and germ-free for a little longer!


  3. No predictions from me. Just prayers for healthy and safe for you both. I am so sorry the crud found your family. It is yucky and can be hard to kick. We just kept spraying disinfectant and wiping things down. Including people! Good luck!

  4. I already told Tucker my day guess. October 27. I don't know why. But if she's not going to be born on my birthday (which I hope she isn't, because that's....very soon), then ten days later is good, right? As for the other stuff... I don't know. I have no experience. So I guess I'm ineligible for the gummy bears. Did I ever tell you my final suggestion for names? Nora. It's just pretty. Tell Lily I love her to pieces and I hope she feels better very very soon! Have a good week Jenny!

  5. A Lily without sparkle!?!? That can't be possible. I hope she gets better soon! I stink at guessing these kinda things -- I blame it on lack of experience :) So I'll wait for my mom to get back and just go home and make her share the gummy bears with me. :)

  6. I guess October 30th. 6 lbs. 12 oz. (that's what I weighed) and 20 in.

    So sorry about Lily, can't imagine a sparkleless Lil. Hope she gets over it very soon.

  7. I am still feeling that Oct.29th is the day. I know so many wonderful people born on that day. I think 7lbs 1oz.

  8. I am going for Halloween!! What could be more fun?

  9. Oct 23rd
    9:19 am
    19 inches
    8pounds 1 ounce

  10. Okay, ready to guess-
    October 30th (Tate's birthday),
    6 lb. 8 oz,
    19 inches,
    8:52 pm
    Now, hang in's only 10 more days, you can do it!

    By the way, if you want to let me know who said you looked awful at church, I'll go rough 'em up...I'm sure I know where they live! After all, who says that to a pregnant woman? And, just for the record, I thought you looked cute, and radiantly pregnant!

  11. I'm saying the 24th. 6 lbs 10 oz. For some reason that sticks out. Either way, hope you and the baby are healthy and come home to a healthy house! Can't wait to see you!

  12. I am going to say 6lbs 1 ounce and October 25th

    I love me some gummies :D

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