Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weekly Pop Culture Update

I am going to the doctor this afternoon. He is taking my stitch out. He will "adjust" Gummy Bear as necessary. But I couldn't let the week pass by without my TV addiction update. All baby news will be posted tomorrow.

Did you watch this week?
"Last week on Survivor":
The asp is still in place, and he's proving smarter than I thought. He really wanted to get rid of Ashley and keep Ben, but he he knew he'd overplay his hand by forcing the issue. Still hate him, but he's smart. I'd really like to see that purple tribe win a challenge so we can get to know the other team a little. I'm worried about Jai Son this week. Seems to be a pretty strong guy to crumble in a little rain. And what's this all about having only one challenge a week? Challenges are my favorite part, not the subterfuge and deceit.

"On The Amazing Race":
Now this is getting kind of interesting. I'm still loving the Globetrotters. And I'll tell you why (that's why you're reading, right?). They know how to work together. And I think that is their advantage. When they have to work together, like they did moving those crazy animals through the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, they knew when to encourage each other, when to get after each other, and when to pull back. That's a skill that comes from practicing and touring together--a skill that married couples don't have and that casual friends rarely cultivate. I think they can take it all. Everyone else is still pretty vanilla. But I'm pulling for the big guys.

In other news: under the encouragement of Sue and Karen, I DVRed Dancing with the Stars this week. Seems I picked a bad week to start. Still haven't watched the results, but Tom DeLay's gotta be gone. I'll give it one more week to fully invest my attention.

All's I've got to add is this: It sure makes monotonous tasks like folding laundry, cutting patterns, and organizing cupboards go faster when you have interesting TV to watch.


  1. I am enjoying the Globetrotters, too. The only other team to catch my attention is that horrible "lion" and his berated (but mouthy) significant other. I was really hoping they'd be gone this week.

    I think you should skip DWTS and TiVo "So You Think You Can Dance", instead. They are just starting to set the final contestants. I think those "kids" are so athletic and talented, and the judges are such masters of their craft. Paul will even watch it with me! (As long as we can fast-forward.)

  2. I agree with Melinda, if you're only going to do one dance show, So You Think You Can Dance is far and away the best. The dancers and choreography are amazing. DWTS doesn't even come close.

    Pretty exciting that you are getting the stitch out. 30 days to go (give or take a little)!


    PS. In honor of the upcoming holidays, my word verification is basters.