Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh, What a Beautiful (Spoiled) Baby!

Such a joy in our lives.
Such a spoiled little thing.
Thinks she needs to be held all the time.
Thinks she needs to sleep with Mama.
But I defy you to resist that face!
Those round, kissable cheeks!
Not to mention the allure of dressing her like a doll every day!
And what about that dazzling smile!

Think I'll go pick her up again for another smooch!
(Think I'm creating a monster!)

Post Script: After deep analysis of these photos, vote on the poll. I think we may have beaten all the odds and finally created a blue-eyed child!


  1. She is Beautiful!! I think I need a fix.

  2. She is beautiful and why wouldn't you want to hold a sweet baby and kiss on their cheeks all day? I know, I do!

  3. She really is a beautiful baby!!! You are VERY blessed!

  4. She not just beautiful (though she IS beautiful); she also looks sharp as a tack!


  5. I don't remember any of your babies having vivid blue eyes this long.

    Make sure that you tell Eve that some of your kisses are from her Grandma who misses her very much and looks forward to the next time she sees her.


  6. She is gorgeous, Jenny. Can't wait to see her!