Friday, January 22, 2010

Wahh, Wahh, Wahh

I've tried to stay neutral on this one, folks.
But I've reached my breaking point.

Let it be known, from the beginning of this diatribe, that I couldn't care less if Conan stays or goes, or if Jay comes or stays. Okay?

I just can't seem to miss the parallel to our federal government.

In a free market, which is where I'm assuming we still live, the best flourish, and the weak are weeded out. Right?

So, under the rules of free market, Conan wasn't successful. Ratings were down. People weren't watching his brand of humor. NBC has the right to readjust as they see fit, since they are the employer. Jay was successful, so naturally they would want to bring back something that works. Right?

The irony is that Conan, pouty and whiny and unhappy at losing his job, throws a gigantic fit. He deserves his show, so leave him there, even if it's not working and even if it's losing the company money.

NBC, following a succession of inept decisions, tries to clean out the garbage by throwing money at the problem. I've heard $42 million, adjusted to 32 or so after all is said and done. $42 million to do NOTHING. And he's practically guaranteed a job on another network.

And instead of celebrating and taking it like a man, Conan continues his spoiled child attitude by sticking it to NBC. Because he won't have his show any more. Poor baby.

NBC--federal government. Throw money at a problem instead of evaluating the issue. Who cares if there is actually money to back up the decision. Throw it and see if he shuts up and rolls over nicely. Examples: health care reform, cap and trade, and especially the stimulus packages.

Conan--many Americans. Even though we have the best system in the world, many still demand more and more and more. Even when given money for doing nothing, they still want more. And this minority will whine and cry and tantrum until they're heard. And no amount of money will satisfy them. Examples: Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, rank-and-file Democrats and others with their hands always out.

Solution: None, as far as I can see. But it seems to me that Jay is taking the high ground on this one. And for that, he has my respect.
But probably not my attention at 10:35. I mean, I have a nursing baby, after all.
Just don't call the President for any assistance. He'll probably give him some.


  1. If push comes to shove, I prefer Conan to Leno because Leno's humor is really inappropriate and vulgar at times. However, I agree that the whole thing has become a ridiculous spectacle, and like you, i am not a big watcher of either show. Yes, I do stay up late, but I'm guessed it!...blogging!


  2. Conan's shows have been SO funny these last couple of weeks. I think it's too bad that he got pushed out of his promised show.

    but all that money? wow.

  3. This is a mess, granted. What I want to know is, what were Jay's ratings when he took over for Johnny Carson? He sure got a lot more time to prove himself. After being named Jay's successor- six years ago- and only having 6 or 7 months to have the job, Conan is obviously mad. I think I would want to lash out, too. I personally think that Jay won't do as well the second time around and I don't think he is as innocent in this as people think. But it does give us something to talk about!

  4. Actually, I think it was Leno's show that wasn't successful -- it wasn't getting the high prime time ratings they expected -- so NBC execs decided to move it later, thus pushing the Tonight Show after midnight in some time zones.