Sunday, January 10, 2010

WAUW! What a Weekend!

YAM #4 for the weekend: How we spend our time doesn't have to involve productivity and projects. Just spending time with others is valuable!

Wrestling: Mingus Union High School. How far is that, you ask? It's out of radio station range, that's how far. Drove 2+ hours to watch my Benny wrestle. Took Brad's new video camera (slight malfunction) and his new telephoto lens (awesome!)

It was worth every second! He wrestled well, and he won his class. It was funny to watch him acting so cool as he jogged up to get his medal and he tripped on the mat!

Avatar: Friday night was date night. We couldn't get tickets to see Avatar in 3D until 8:45 and it's a 2 hour 40 minute movie. So we weren't home until midnight.

All's I can say is: It's worth every penny for every minute.It was absolutely phenomenal. The audience cheered and clapped when it was over. GO SEE IT!

Underwear: Hyrum is logging time in his new big boy unders. Although we have yet to see any success in the fecal department, his urinary mastery is near.
Is there anything more frustrating that potty training? You can't go anywhere, you have to do a ton more laundry, and none of your furniture or carpeting is safe.
But in the end, it will be worth the time invested when I only have to change one bum a day.

And Eve
Woke up this morning at 6:15, having slept since 10:30. You just want to smother your baby in kisses when they sleep that long for the first time. It helped me recover from my 4 1/2 hours driving and staying up late the night before, that's for sure.

We also spent some time with friends playing games. Ofttimes as parents we forget how important it is to cultivate our own friendships. Glad they invited us over.

This picture doesn't really go with my post at all, but I couldn't resist this pic of the girls across the street and Lily with her jaunty hat. This, my devoted readers, is winter in AZ.

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  1. Good luck with the potty training! Never a fun job, but you're right...well worth it in the end.

    That's VERY cool that Eve slept so long! And it sounds like her timing was perfect, too.

    Looks as if the Denton crew had a great weekend. I'm glad my weekend is over because I spent the whole time preparing for my R.S. lesson today and feeling overwhelmed. Now that it's over, I am greatly relieved. (It was the first one from the Gospel Principles manual, and I was sweating it...)


  2. OK--loved the verbage..."fecal department" and "urinary mastery" had me totally cracking up. -J

  3. Funny that Sue teaches RS just like you! You two should start an RS blog and prepare lessons over the internet! :)

    Love the photos, Ben looks so old in them, how is that happening? Amazing that Eve had such perfect timing, hope she keeps it up! And, I love the photo of Lily and the girls, so much so, I clicked on it and looked at it full screen, priceless! Gotta love an AZ winter. Good luck with the Potty training, won't it be wonderful when all departments have a mastery check???

  4. Love it! love that you got a date night, love that Ben won his match, don't love the long drive. Love that Eve slept so well, LOVE Lilly's hat and AZ winter. Don't love potty training, except that Maggie is sort of rock starring it right now, so I'm happy about that. We're trying the panties all night tonight, because she's INSISTING! I'm scared.

  5. YEAH BEN!! Can't wait to watch him clean up next year at Poston and then I get you as a slave (an Lily) for the MVT wrestling team!

    Great pictures. Eve is perfect in every way.

    I quit having kids so I wouldn't have to potty train again. Dogs you can just lock outside when you have given up for the day, kids not so much.

  6. I am so glad that Hyrum is doing well with most of his pottying experience!