Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What Lies Ahead

The princess still loves her spa. And if you want to know what I looked like as an infant, look no further!

Is there anything cuter on a boy than the first few times he wears underwear?
His shirt says, "Mess just follows me around."No truer statement was ever issued about potty training, don't you think?
So far today: 2 successes, one failure, and one full pull-up after a nap.
More accidents. More successes. More messes.

Potty training is not for the faint of heart, that's for sure.


  1. Do I have the cutest grandchildren in the world or what!!!! And that is only two of them!!

  2. Potty training had to be one of my least favorite things. For sure.

    Hope your efforts bear fruit very soon.

    PS. And you must have been a cute baby!

  3. You have given me the courage to try and start Jakey on the same road! I am tired of buying diapers for 2 and also pull-ups. My budget will thank you if I am successful!

  4. Good luck! Potty training is such a messy part of being a mom, be patient, and just keep reminding yourself why you are donig this! Eventually he will learn, we all do! Eve is getting big, pretty soon she'll need a new spa!

  5. All I can say is...you're a brave soul...may your patience increase 100 fold during this potty training adventure and may it be quick and painless! (Coming from someone who knows "the dark side") From: Janette, the anonymous :)

  6. I distinctly remember when I found out I was expecting #4, I thought, I have to potty train again? Agggghhhhh! Good Luck!

  7. Seriously, Hyrum went and grew up on me without my permission. WOW! And yeah, potty training, not so much. That's why I'm just letting Maggie do it on her own. We're doing pretty well these last few days. Panties on, no accidents. Even woke up dry from nap, woo hoo! I think it just sort of is clicking. PHEW! Still, not my favorite thing. Oh, and by the way...Tucker is fired! Totally left your card and letter here, AND his old backpack AND two canisters of film? What?

  8. Ahhhh, I remember the days. Oh, that's right it was just a few months ago. I am so glad to be all finished with that~!!!

  9. You know how I feel about the Denton bun's. I rest my case!