Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busy as a Bee

I like to think of myself as the "busy bee."
If I were a member of Barry's hive on Bee Story, I would have salivated when the job of purger/organizer popped up on the giant board. That's the job for me! Anything can be improved with a few drawer dividers, a basket or two and a label maker!

And I've been busy the last few days. Busy, busy, busy. Not only have I spent countless hours shopping for a few accessories for the family room (not really my favorite thing), but I've also been purging. I organized the closet in the library that can only be characterized as "extraneous tchotchkes" closet. I stripped the little boys' closet of all the clothes that are too small. I removed all my maternity clothes (finally!). I moved all the toys and books that had mysteriously migrated upstairs back downstairs, organized the family room toy chest and threw away all the homeless cards, game pieces, etc. I have this philosophy that I'd rather throw away today and buy again tomorrow than keep one more day.

But that philosophy somehow does not extend to shoes.
I love shoes. LOVE THEM. I have ever since I was thirteen years old and used my hard-earned babysitting money to buy my first pumps at KMart: navy blue, round toes, two-inch heel. I love all shoes: heels, flats, boots (especially boots!), casual sports shoes, and my always dependable favorite Brooks that carried me through marathons and along the canals of central AZ. I've found that often I buy first and think later: what do they match? how do they feel? In fact, I've had a few pairs lurking on my shelf that I have worn maybe twice. Why? Because the style looked great on someone else and I thought I could work it, too. Wrong. But I just couldn't get myself to throw them out. I might wear them, right? Maybe with . . . I don't know. But maybe! And you can't have too many shoes, right?
But I was strong today. I took three pairs and topped the toppling DI pile with them, never looking back. I'm so good.

UPS just rang the bell. It's a small rectangular box from Brown Shoe LDC.
It's my shoes for the wedding! I made space on my shelf just in time! Aren't they spectacular?


  1. I wish I loved shoes...then I wouldn't be so terribly clad all the time..and I have size 10 1/2 feet and that's not easy.
    I can't stop reading your blog...just your header picture and the spread of your family makes me adore you...

  2. Never can you have too many shoes!! I am a firm believer that a cute shoe goes in my closet. A cute, on sale shoes stays forever!!

    I was just telling Ken I needed a special shoe organizer. He had the gall(sp) to tell me I should limit to the 27 holes in my organizer. PEESHAW!! That could not possibly be enough.

  3. Ahh, my friend, this is where our paths go different ways. I do adore a good pair of boots, but I abhor shopping. I really, really hate shopping! Did I just say that out loud? Let me say I don't hate all shopping, just clothes shopping. I love shopping for organizers or my kids or books-but I will wear out the soles of my shoes before I buy another pair. I do love the wedding shoes-but they look pink(?) I'm sure it's just my computer, I know you aren't wearing pink shoes to the wedding!

  4. I have blog envy. I just realized that's Sarah from the clover lane blog I just found and adore, and she commented...and she loves your blog! Wow...wow! blog envy

  5. Your shoes for the wedding are fabulous!!
    I am excited to see you and meet Eve in a couple of weeks!!

  6. Yay for the purge and clean, I too adore it. AND, I totally share your philosophy of rather throw away today. I throw so mcuh stuff away, sometimes it's an oopsy,but mostly it's all good. Unlike you, nothing makes me more excited than shopping for home decore. And, also, unlike you, I so don't share the shoe fetish, that was saved for my daughter. haha Oh, and I do love your new shoes, they're totally cute.

  7. I love shoes, and getting rid of any is like pulling teeth for me. Dave is always after me to dump the ones I haven't worn for the past year. (He just doesn't get it about my shoes.) I'm ATTACHED to them.


    PS. I can't believe how organized your shoe racks are...And also, the wedding shoes look spectacular!

  8. Those are dang cute shoes! I, too, have a thing for shoes. I wish I had a thing for organizing and throwing things out. Want to come on over and help me?

  9. I'm with you: I love order. My son says I'm so OCD that I'm "CDO"....'cause I'm so OCD I have to have the letters in order! :)

    Now the shoes for the wedding...DELISH! Love them! And regarding the quantity of shoes, I myself have 103 pairs. My husband knew this when he married me 10 years ago. Thank heaven he never looked back.

    Oh and the shoes in the picture, super cute!