Thursday, February 4, 2010

Foto Friday--How Do I Love Thee . . .

Just a little sampling of what our house is like any given day after school (bear with me, I'm trying a new photo program, and I'm still new at it):
Lily cramming in homework before she heads to a play performance, Hyrum lazing about watching Micah, who is playing Wii, Ben begrudgingly practicing the piano, Tucker refusing to have his photo taken but making his customary huge-ongus sandwich before heading off to tutor (note the giant mess on the counter--I was in the process of cleaning out the fridge), and Evie chilling on the couch looking mighty small. I just love them so much!

And as a side note, Heidi was complaining that there were no good pictures of her and Sam on the blog. So here's a darling one, along with this: One of the reasons I'm beginning to love Sam (besides his love for my Heidi): he loves Havarti, just like me. You can bet there will be some waiting for him when they come home later this month!


  1. I clicked for a close-up on Heidi and Sam, and his face has so much kindness it sort of shines right out of him.

    That seems like a very good thing in a son-in-law.


    PS. All the kids look darling. You are blessed.

  2. Your after school is like mine. Each one going their own direction. The turtle recipe is one I found, yesterday. I didn't have all the ingredients, but if they are that good, I'll have to try them! Thanks:)

  3. I think I'm more of an "ever-reading, never-commenting" blog follower, but I couldn't help myself this time! I can't believe all the changes taking place down there, even since I left for school in January:

    - Cute little Hyrum just hanging out as his nearly potty-trained self
    - Diva Lily (sporting her sequined jacket... naturally) working on the cursive she was so excited to learn
    - Bottomless Pit Tucker eating after school(oh wait, nothing's changed there. :) Love you, Tuck!)
    - Buff Man Ben improving his piano skills to impress the ladies in a few short years (or now, if you ask me!)
    - Wii Master Mikes standing (and I'm sure running, biking, jumping and light saber fighting as well) on a cast-less leg
    - and Adorable Baby Eve lounging on the couch and looking more like a tiny person than the infant I met in November

    I'm so excited to come home and see the changes for myself, rather than just seeing them in pictures and hearing about them on the phone. I love you guys, and I can't wait to see you in 19 days!! (but who's counting?)

  4. Nothing makes my day brighter than seeing family in person and when that is not possible, pictures are just the best. Thanks!!

  5. What cute photos, Eve looks so big sitting there on the couch! Love the photo of Heidi and Sam, what a beautiful setting, and they look so happy. Isn't it amazing how much a teenage boy can eat? I should document what one day's menu is for a 15 year old boy, it blows the mind (and budget).