Monday, February 15, 2010


I knew what was coming early in the evening of January 31st. My nose told me so.
Because the beautiful AZ spring that brings these flowering beauties to my yard also brings this:
Offensive, pollen-filled green balls spilling pollen from every branch of the African Sumac. It falls everywhere, coating everything. Curse you, African Sumac. You make it unbearable to sleep with the windows open. You make outdoor activities debilitating. You make me sleepy, sneezy, grumpy, dopey, and runny. So many of the dwarfs in one body. Curse you.
image from here.
I am allergic to February.
Hyrum summed it up well: "Mommy, d'you know dat noses have boogers? Mommies say, 'Leave your nose alone.'"
I'm trying, buddy.



  1. Owww, I'm so sorry! I have allergies too and they are no fun! But don't hate February too much, it's my Birthday month and that would make me sad to know that you hate it!

  2. Another reason to come to Idaho right now - nothing is coming back to life yet. See you in three days. Yippee!!

  3. That sounds miserable. My mom used to suffer terribly from allergies, but now she uses flonase spray. Apparently, it makes a huge difference.


  4. Soo sorry! I feel your pain oh so well! I hate allergies and all the snot that goes along with it. My kids are suffering their own bout of snot hideousness! UGH!

  5. Oh Jen I feel your pain! I suffer terribly from allergies..but in September! It's too darn cold here for anything but colds and the flu. At least it's warm there..and thank you for the invite! I've never been to AZ but would love to visit someday! Those trees are gorgeous...what I would do for some GREEN here!

  6. I wonder if that's what has been killing my sinuses and making me run over at the nose. I had a love-hate thing going with the African Sumac in front of our old house-so much mess in the spring, but such a nice shade tree.