Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Ironic Juxtaposition Isn't Lost on Me

I think the gods of motherhood read my post yesterday and decided I'd had enough peace.
And they hit me hard today.
5:45--up with the big boys cleaning Brad's office. Never at the top of my favorite things to do on a Wednesday morning.
And it went downhill from there.

I had to assemble a few more invites. If only it were that simple--I had to order more pictures, find more envelopes, cut more ribbon.
Eve forgot how to sleep today.

Hyrum remembered where the scissors were and cut the ribbon on some of the newly assembled invitations.

Micah melted down after school because Hyrum bit his . . . hair? Wish that were made up . . .

Ben's wrestling coach droned on and on and on, making me late to Micah's t-ball practice and forcing me to drive to the junior high twice in 15 minutes, right when dinner was supposed to be on the table, but instead it was on the stove wilting.

I am truly intolerant of some people. Not my best quality, for sure. But today was a real day, so nothing is being swept under the rug--I found out that someone I didn't want to invite to the wedding has already bought Heidi a present and is asking when the announcements were mailed? Sigh. Another envelope in the mailbox. The present better be worth the stamp. (ok, that was uncalled for . . .)

Hyrum had to be sent into the library with the doors shut until his tantrum returned to 135 decibels.  He was in there a while.  (The doors are glass, people.  He can see out.  We just can't hear him as well.)

Lily had play practice at precisely the same time Ben had Young Men's (which I happened to be teaching tonight with the Young Women), at precisely the same time Brad had bishop appointments, at precisely the same time Tucker was watching "Wicked" in . . . San Francisco. How much help could he be there? Precisely none.

The two little boys and Eve had to accompany me to the activity and they assisted me in teaching some sullen/some cooperative teenagers two songs from "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." Realistically speaking, my kids weren't much help. Surprised?

I think I may have lost my voice. Some from singing.  Some from yelling.
I know I've lost my zing.   Maybe a frosted yellow zinger . . .

Here's to tomorrow . . .



  1. I know. Isn't life AWESOME? Just when you think you have a handle on it, life seems determined to give you yet another *learning experience*.
    Sometimes you just have to laugh. Because otherwise you'll beat someone to a bloody stump. Yeah. Laughter is good. So is a nice piece of chocolate with a Diet Coke after everyone is in bed. Hang in there!

    *Now I'm curious what that wedding gift is. I can remember one lady who gave me that month's Homemaking project for a wedding gift... sweet!

  2. What a day! Let's hope this one is a little less crazy for you. (It's funny how things can change so drastically in just 24 hours.)

    Like Karen, I am wondering what that gift is...


  3. oh I do hope your day today runs smoother!

  4. I am in awe of you, valiant jen! And I have to say a little bit jealous. Sounds like you have so many blessings in your life.

    You may not have heard them over the screaming, though.

    As always, so glad I came by.

  5. PS: I loved that painting so much in college that I had a print of it on the wall and painted the room to match.

    What. A. Nerd.

  6. Ahh. Days like that really keep us in check, don't they? I think we may need to circulate a substitute list, like they have for primary. It will have the names of trustworthy individuals who can be called at a moments notice to fill in as mom so we don't have to take our babes when we have ward/life assignments to fill. I happened to be free last night, darn-it!

    P.S. Beautiful, elegant, classy invitations. I love them!

  7. YIKES! I'm just glad you made it out on the other side alive! And WHAT is Tucker doing in San Fran? No mention of that on Tuesday. Anyway, days like that are never fun, but they help keep things in perspective for sure!