Monday, March 8, 2010

Milestones--Installment #4

Where do I begin?
Where can I begin?

The end of childhood.  The beginning of adulthood.
The end of dependence.  The beginning of independence.
The end of boyfriends.  The beginning of husbands.
The end of single.  The beginning of couple.
The end of Denton.  The beginning of Brubaker.
The end of selfishness.  The beginning of selflessness.
The end of independence.  The beginning of dependence.
The end of motherhood.  The beginning of friend.

It can't be time yet. She's still my little girl. She'll always be my little girl.


  1. sigh... milestones all come too soon...

  2. Is that the bouquet from photo day? That, together with the new countdown is giving me heart palpitations. One milestone after another in your home these days...

  3. Yes, that's her bouquet, about four days later. It still looked good, didn't it?
    I can't post pics from that day, due to the bridal-ness of the occasion.
    You have palpitations? I've been crying all morning. But it's Monday, and the seniors will be here in 30 minutes. Time to suck it up . . .

  4. I love having married kids, and you will too. It is marvelous!

  5. It's true, Jen. What Laraine says. It just gets better!


    PS. And you're right, she will ALWAYS be your little girl.

  6. That made me have tears in my eyes. Married children ARE wonderful, and it's all great, but there's still that feeling of loss right at first. I know exactly what you mean. I love what you wrote, by the way. You hit it on the head.

  7. I have chills. What a beautiful post Jen. We've never even met and I can't believe your daughter is getting married! She will always be your little girl...I"m happy for you but my heart breaks for you at the same time...

  8. My little girl is forty years old and way more capable than I at lots of things, but she will always be that darling baby I brought into this world. And the memories of her childhood will always be with me. Even after all these years, she should be six or seven years old, but definitely not more eight. The time passes so quickly.

  9. For some reason, that just made me cry a little. Le Sigh!

  10. Oh this made me cry. You put it so beautifully!
    My oldest daughter got married a year and a half ago and while wonderful it still gets the heart!

    Congratulations to your daughter :D