Thursday, March 11, 2010

Milestones--Installment #7

You'd probably deduced what today's post would be about, didn't you?

My T
What can I say?

On June 21st, Tucker will live his dream of attending college at BYU, majoring in biology, hopefully heading towards a career  as a pediatrician (the singing pediatrician, I'd wager).

This kid has had, as I call it, a "paradigm shift."  No longer is he satisfied with squeaking by on grades, in class, or in work.
Some parents might say too little too late.  I say, better now than after he skids through his freshman year. 

 Even though his high school grades weren't spectacular, a stellar ACT and great extracurricular activities won over the admissions committee.  Probably not the scholarship committee, but a mom can't be too picky, can she?
He's working as many hours as he can as a math tutor, balancing 8-10 students a week. (Need any help?  Call him.  He's awesome.) He's actually doing his homework for school.  He earned the best grades he's had since 3rd grade.  He's already taking Stats 221 online.  He helps with his little siblings, and he can even drive them places when I'm busy and he's not.

He is ready to leave home.  Now that he's turned fun and responsible and easy. He's leaving me too. How is that fair?

I can't face another countdown on the blog. 
Not until after April 13th.

102 days from today.


  1. Wow have a lot going on! Thank goodness for the little ones still at home to keep your mind off the big ones leaving the nest. Tucker sounds like a great kid and wish we were closer...I'm calling math tudors for Stephen today!

  2. Boy, isn't that the truth? They just become completely enjoyable in every way, and then they leave!

    There's no equity in life...


  3. Can he rub off on Dallin? I wonder if he is not losing steam instead of building it! *sigh*

    Cannot believe we will have 2 graduated from high school - where did all the time go?

  4. Congratulations on a job well done! The singing pediatrician? One of the cardiologists we work with sings opera to his patients during surgery. How lovely is that? My son in law is on the back stretch - his last year of medical school. I thought his admission was a great day, but his graduation will be even sweeter! Oh - and my brother is a surgeon who originated from BYU - great prep for med school. Tucker will do well. This is quite a year for you, isn't it?

  5. It truly has been a fascinating experience to watch him grow up and change and transition into the "man" he is now. His single mindedness on earning his way is quite interesting and awesome. I'm so proud of him, which means I'm sure I can't even comprehend how YOU feel. I can't believe our crazy tuck tuck is leaving the nest. My week will not be the same without a dose. And WHO else will tell me my fridge is gross and clean it out while doing warm ups. hahahahahahahaha ONLY TUCKER!

  6. We love that boy, too. He is the only friend who comes over and makes the babes' eyes just light up, cause he really interacts with them as much, or more, as he does with the teens. You have done a really good job!

  7. It's happening too fast. Tres is gone, Zach turns his papers in in 10 months. Mckenzie sang "I'm going to the Chapel" in a choir concert and I nearly burst into tears. Guess that's why we have so many kids. Empty nest aint gona be pretty over here!

  8. That is a great dream! He sounds like a very successful young man finding his way and that is awesome! I am sure he has a wonderful mother and father to thank:D

    I have a kid at each of the BYU's - I am assuming he's going to Provo? They are all awesome! There is just something special about BYU!

    It is VERY HARD when the kids start getting married, and leaving the nest for college - Hard on a mom's heart.