Friday, April 9, 2010

Foto Friday--What Wedding?

I'm sure you've all been wondering: How does Mom spend the week before her daughter's wedding? Focusing on the wedding? Not if she has six other kids to deal with! Not enough sleep, too much Diet Pepsi, still no sugar, and running crazy every waking minute. This is what we've been up to, in no particular order.

Directing our Church youth group in a lively production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Remember how I feel about this?  Click here if you've forgotten.
Easter morning:  Denton family tradition is new goggles and swimsuits in the baskets.  It will be that hot in probably 2 weeks (ugh).

Micah loves to wear Brad's travel pillow on his head and say, "Look, I'm Amidala!)
Lily turned ten on Easter Sunday. Ten? Really? When you're ten, you use your birthday money to buy not toys but youth-sized fake nails. It was her money.
The random picture of Micah's back with a hand print? He was wrestling with his friends on the tramp (which they always have to do in a manly shirtless fashion), and he came in with this medal. Ouch.

Today is the day to really focus. Grandma and Grandpa Tucker are on their way as I type, Heidi and Sam are packing up their stuff and leaving Idaho, and I think I need a few extra oz. of Diet Pepsi to make it through the next four days!


  1. Oh Jen, your life is so full! I've been thinking of you all you juggle all the others and prepare to send off your baby too! WOW. Am so very impressed that you are still staying away from sugar. How do you feel? Tell me I should try again right? I seem to be an addict. I've limited to dark chocolate at this point...which is a step in the right direction. Need to go cold turkey, but hard with pms and life! Hugs to you!!!!!!

  2. I am alway available for a Diet Pepsi run for you (never for me, I am against diet) In fact I am sure I have some in my fridge. Might be old though, I get new for you!

  3. All I can say is take a deep breath and hold on!! The good news is that you'll be so busy over the next few days that you won't really have time to think too much. That's a good thing because you won't cry and your eyes won't get all puffy. You'll be a beautiful mother of the bride!

  4. How long have you already been off sugar?? None of that delicious-looking birthday cake on Sunday? No bites of Easter candy?

    You are officially my sugarless hero.

    Good luck this week

  5. Go Jen... I know life can't really slow down, but it just keeps getting busier and busier! You are a really great example to me of someone who just digs in and gets the job done... no matter what that job is, you seem to face it head on. Wow! I really admire that in you. And, you do it with flare AND pizazz... :)Thanks for your note. I've been thinking of you and your H:)

  6. You are brilliant! IKEA...we have two within an hour. Gotta love Chicagoland. :) I'm going to surf there now and see what I can come up I think they have sinks too. Thank you!!!!!

  7. Oh boy - I'm loving all the pictures of your family livin life but oh the days leading up to a wedding are stressful - Have a safe trip and good luck - It will all be spectacular!!!

  8. You are so busy! I hope you are able to relax some when the big event is will need it physically and emotionally I'm sure. Thinking of you...and way to go on the no sugar!!