Friday, April 16, 2010

This and That and the Other Thing

How can you tell there was a wedding here earlier this week? Just a few tell-tale signs:

Flowers everywhere (I could get used to that!)
Leftover paper straws from the Italian ices (searched the internet for hours for those)
Micah's discarded bow tie
Still-growing stacks of wedding gifts and cards
The empty fondant carcass of Heidi's wedding cake--no one likes fondant, but everyone likes cake! (see the cute cupcake papers?)
We're headed to the open house in Placerville, CA, in the morning. Then that should be the end of the wedding festivities.
And then maybe my blog will head back to normal, because my life really needs to get back there! Pronto!


  1. Oh...the flowers! I could get used to that too-there's nothing quite like fresh flowers to make a space smell heavenly and look gorgeous. I really like the ones below the mirror and family photo, love all those small arrangements. Hope you have a fabulous trip

  2. The cupcake papers were super cute!! Where did you find those?

  3. I would bet Placerville is really beautiful right now. The weather was gorgeous today. Have fun!


    PS. The flowers look great. I could almost smell them, just looking at the pics!

  4. Enjoy your trip. Your home and sweet wedding touches are gorgeous!

  5. LOVE all these photos of the wedding Jen...I think you should always have red roses on your looks gorgeous!

  6. I love your white fireplace mantel - beautiful with the flowers! Have a wonderful time - it will all be over soon, and life will find it's rhythm again. And where DID you get those cupcake papers?

  7. I love those flowers. Flowers just make everything more alive!! I bet you are so relieved. I have many many years until that happens for us (I hope...)
    The pictures in the other posts are great. So happy!!

  8. I love the flowers too, but those straws are pretty great. Looks beautiful.

  9. Oh fun lots and lots of pretty flowers! I am with you on the fondant - pretty but not good :D

    Enjoy the Open House - when you are back home you can kick your feet up and pat yourself on the back!!

  10. Beautiful flowers, jen. What a nice way to bask in the afterglow of a nice event!

  11. love this post & the tone of it! great pics!

  12. i love love the colors!!!
    can't wait to see the end result!
    you can never post too many blogs about weddings! such a joyous day!