Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As Per Your Multiple Requests . . .

How can I resist that face?

I have had multiple requests to voice an opinion on reality TV this season. Here it is:


This season of Amazing Race was tame. I wanted the cowboys to win, but they didn't. Who would have thought at the beginning of the season that they would turn out smart and together? What I loved the most about them was their camaraderie. Never did they play dirty. Never did they fight. Never even argued or placed blame. That was all that was amazing this season.
What really disturbed me was Carol and Brandy. They were just . . . rancorous. Seriously. When the last three teams crossed the finish line and Carol impaled Caite for the U-Turn. I mean, really? You lost. Accept it and graciously move on. I was embarrassed for her, and for Brandy, who was obviously a little uncomfortable. Wonder if they're still together? Couldn't find it anywhere on google. Maybe Carol has mustered her mighty brain power and erased all traces of the truth from the internet.

And Survivor.It made for interesting TV, that's for sure. But I was bugged watching Russell every week. My take on it is this: If any of those other survivors had seen Russell play the previous season, he would have been the first one voted out. JT never would have relinquished his idol, fell on his sword, and turned the tide of power to the villains. That, I felt, was unfair. Everyone else's strategies had been studied and analyzed before play began.
And I really wanted the heroes to win. I mean, the heroes prevailed  in The Lord of the Rings. They were victorious in Narnia. But not on TV. Is that reality?
What I came away with was this: The heroes really were virtuous, and that's why they couldn't win a cheating dishonest game. Amanda was too nice to Danielle.  And Colby--where was the Colby of yesteryear?  You mean he's gotten older like me?  Dreams can be shattered, folks. Russell swore on the lives of his kids. NOTHING to me is worth my integrity. But the villains decided otherwise.
One small nugget of joy was watching Courtney on the jury. Girl, she had sass and spunk and style sense. I think her personality comes across a little harsher than she really is (maybe a touch like me?), and I venture I would laugh with her if we were ever to meet.
That being said, Russell's behavior in the after-show was abhorrent. A little like Carol. Such a poor loser. Really? You didn't get one vote, dude. That means you suck. Not that you're the best player ever. He is so delusional.  And I stood up and cheered when Sandra burned his hat.  That right there was worth a million dollars to me.

And the worst of the three.
I haven't even watched the finale yet. It's DVR'ed and I'll take some time to watch it tomorrow. But I just don't really care. I did. But now I don't. Crystal/Lee.  Lee/Crystal.  So what?

My review for 2010:
I only watched out of habit. And I am a complete creature of habit. But if nothing really improves next season, y'all may lose me.

And where was I tonight instead of watching Fox?
Here, of course!

Now THAT'S reality TV.
Go Suns!



  1. I actually liked this season of Amazing Race. LOVED those cowboys, they were hysterical, and i agree with what you said about them. The lesbians were a major downfall.

    Never have watched Survivor, it bugs me.

    American Idol, WORST EVER! I stopped watching weeks ago.

    But all I'm saying is, you had BETTER be watching So You Think hyou Can Dance starting Thursday. MAKE it happen friend!

  2. Oh dear, I really am not up to date on all of these shows. I don't actually watch that much TV these days apart from my daily does of current affairs.When I do watch Tv if I have spare time I tend to watch cooking channels.

    BTW, we get Fox news and CNN over here so I have been trying to catch up on the current affairs over your way! I will be an expert in American issues soon I think!

    Best wishes and I love the photo!

  3. PS I can't spell clearly! I mean dose!

  4. We used to watch Survivor...Can't remember why we stopped. Probably it was before we had DVR. But we watched Lost...and the end was good, but FRUSTRATING because if you are going to end a series, don't you want people to understand how it ended and what it meant??? Sigh....
    But you didn't mention Lost, so ignore that rant!

  5. BOOOO to Phx! We're a Lakers house over here :) You guys really creamed us tonight. And I completely agree on the American Idol thing. Who cares really. Between the lip ringy thing, the dreads, the tattoos and the teeth, I can't even look at her, buy she does have a killer voice. Okay, I am starting to sound mean so I should go to bed :)

  6. I feel an epic comment brewing. You've been warned.

    First, I belly-laughed at, "Eh." I could hear you saying it (made up a voice for you, hope you don't mind) and I thought, "That is the funniest thing I've read all week." And it really is. Perfectly summed up.

    Second, DUDE - you have time to watch tv? All that tv? And have a dozen kids, look cute all the time, take photos, keep your blog up to date and have a cute house? You don't sleep. I fear you.

    I have a friend called Kat and she has three small kids, scrapbooks, has a full time job, is very social, writes me snail mail letters, keeps a blog EVERY DAY...the list goes on. I want to know what you two are taking because CUT ME IN.

    Third, I answered you on my blog to day with an "afterthoughts" at the end. Thought it was worth it. Wanted to. Can. Did.

    Fourth, I noticed that your followers list is increasing at speed. Then I noticed that I know all of those people. Then I thought, "I wonder if they got here becasue I'm constantly talking about her and telling them to come over here right now." Then I thought, "AWESOME. People do what I say. AWESOMETIMESTWO." Just let me think it's because I told them to, okay? Cause that makes me happy.

    See. Epic comment. I can predict them now. Like dogs can sometimes predict a seizure.

  7. Love that face double as much!
    Biggest Loser is the best reality show. Real life changing going on! I keep up with American Idol because my daughter and husband watch it. I am for Crystal!..or Lee! Ha!
    Have a great day!

  8. The cowboys should have won the Race, for sure.

    No Idol for me.

    I thought this Survivor was their best ever. I am afraid I will be a fan to the end.

    I am a bigger fan of pictures of your kids. Thanks for another look at Evie.

  9. Oh dear - I've never seen any of these. I thought 'Eh' was going to be a comment on the ubiquitous Canadian habit of adding 'eh' to the end of every sentence!

  10. Oh, Carol and Brandy and Caite. Get over it.

  11. I'm glad somebody is happy about Phoenix. My two guys (the biggest Laker fans ever) were hatin' last night's game.

    Ah well...


    PS. On AI: I'm for Crystal. She was great last night. But you're right; it wasn't the same this year. And without Simon? Hard to imagine...

  12. Actually your in-laws do sometimes read your blog. ouch!

  13. I've never seen Amazing Race..Biggest Loser..Dancing with stars..I don't watch much tv. I read or KNIT (now!) while the boys watch baseball. We watched Survivor years ago...I did see some of American Idol for the first time ever. I'm slowly trying to get rid of tv in our house. Steve and the older kids watched the Apprenctice for a bit...I can't stand Donald Trump! Great picture of Evie...and you need to get over that issue you have with sand on your feet!

  14. I'm not a huge 'reality tv' watcher. I watch the tryouts for american idol- I have all of my pent up snarkiness and mean wit to unleash, it's best when directed at the tv or other inanimate objects.

  15. Yeah!!!!! I've been waiting for this post. Sooo agree with you. Amazing Race was truly anticlimatic and disappointing. I too wanted the cowboys and couldn't stand the whiney(sp?) brothers that won.

    Survivor - favorite season ever, UNTIL JT was voted off, then it went downhill. I would literally yell at the tv, "You guys are so stupid, vote Russell off!!!!!" Yes, Sandra burning Russell's hat was a true highlight.

    American Idol - No chance they can say this is the most talented season. Every week seemed to be another disappointment. Don't really care if Lee or Crystal wins, I think they are the best two, but will be happy with either one.

    Thank you.....

  16. Evie is a doll! Can't believe her eyes are so blue!

    I didn't know until the last few episodes that none of the competitors had seen Russell's season. That definitely would have changed the game.

  17. I haven't watched any of those shows. I tried Idol but couldn't get past the nasty dreads. She may have a killer voice but she just looks nasty. No, I spent my time in loftier pursuits: the finale of LOST. Ask anyone who watched it - it was wonderful and amazing and completely nuts all at once. So sad its all over - what a great run!
    We are Lakers fans here, but many times I've thought it would be a hilarious slap in the face to the LA City Council (the idiots who self-righteously took such a stand against AZ's new law) if the Suns were to win.