Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Bet

Brad and I made a bet:

How many stairs are there on the front staircase? I said 19. He said 18. Stupid bet, right?

The stakes were these: if he lost (which I knew he would), he would wash all the windows, inside and out. If I lost, then I would mow the lawn. The stakes were high, but I was comfortable and certain.

I lost.

You see, there is a landing on our staircase, and I always take two steps on the landing. That makes 19 steps. But there are only 18 stairs.

I'm no sissy girly-girl. I grew up mowing a huge lawn, and I had to redo it until it passed inspection, so I know how to mow a mean lawn.

Funny thing how certain situations can instantly bring back childhood memories--the smell of freshly cut grass mixed with gasoline triggered a stream of Idaho summer mowing memories:

Straining to push the mower up the hill by the driveway when I was small
Puffy white clouds
Flooding the mower (sometimes on purpose) and having to wait ten minutes to try again
Windy days
Emptying the bag over the fence and watching the horses run to eat the fresh clippings
Drinks from the hose
Timing myself to see if I could beat the speed record
Trimming the entire yard with hand-held trimming shears

All these thoughts--and a comparison to AZ mowing days:

95 degrees and 40% humidity at 8:45 am
Old legs that complain for the rest of the day
Satisfaction seeing the straight, clean lines in the grass
Dog poop
Self-propelled lawnmower

Thanks, Dad. I can hold my head high that, although I lost the bet, I completed the task with pride.

My windows are still dirty, but I may not mind losing that bet again--in October.


  1. I just love that you and Brad were betting over the stairs. Too funny! Way to go you lawn mowing mama!

    So wierd to think of you as a farm girl.

  2. Hate to lose!! But I would way rather mow the lawn than wash all of your windows!!

  3. You two are just too cute :) I love how you guys bet on something so silly and fun even after 21 years of marriage. I would count myself lucky if we can be like you guys when we hit our 21st anniversary :)

    I've never mowed a lawn since we never really had one to mow but the way you talk about it...makes me want to try it out!

  4. Darn! I'm not upset that you have to mow the lawn...I'm no sissy girl here either, but that you DON'T get your windows washed inside and out because that was just about the best thing to win ever.

  5. Good for you! I don't mind a bit of work, either, but I have vowed never to cut grass. It's the ONE thing I won't do when it comes to chores. Something just makes me want to hang on to something and that's what I chose.
    I'm impressed you survived. I nearly died in AZ in May. While driving my air conditioned car.

  6. I would rather mow the lawn than do most house chores... I do think the best part would be seeing the horses run for the clippings. For some reason, that image just speaks to me :) It was nice to see you, yesterday and K really appreciated the hug. She finally opened her package from Tucker and giggled all morning.

  7. Shoot. Sorry about your loss, but you have acquitted yourself well.

    Now, how the heck are you going to get him to wash those windows????


  8. Is there some bet I could win with Brad to get my windows washed when you come up here?

    Nice to know your lawnmowing skills are still in topnotch shape.

  9. You rock mowing the lawn! Makes we want to count my know...just in case. :P

  10. You sound like my husband and I! We usually bet on foot rubs though!

    Thanks for the idea about making my chair darker...I didn't even think of that! My husband has an antiquing wax that I could rub on it for a little darker finish....I'm going to give it a try, THANKS!!

  11. That's the weird sort of bet that The Great Dane and I enter into - crazy!