Thursday, June 3, 2010

Foto Friday--First Week of Summer and a Few Quotable Quotes

Whew. I survived the first week of summer.

Today I took the four littles to the Mesa Southwest Museum. Locked them in the dungeon for a while. Too bad they liked it.

While we were watching the final Suns game of the year (sniff), Micah was sitting on my lap. He looked up at me and said, "Mom, I can feel the milk in your chest."

Evie. Don't you love a baby in all white? If I could I'd dress them like that every day. This dress was Lily's. Evie has started her solid food this week. Not going too bad, but you know how it goes. In goes a bite. Out it comes. Scrape it off. Insert same bite again.

Tucker needed to rescue the four gigantic "Congratulations Graduate" balloons from the entryway ceiling. He fashioned this contraption out of a saw and a few sticks. Not the safest thing he ever did.
Monday afternoon I came downstairs with a pill in my hand and mostly to myself said, "I forgot to take my prenatal vitamin today." Tuck's ears perked up and he said, "Are you pregnant?" I couldn't let this chance slip by, so I admittedly led him on for a few minutes until he really believed me. Then I informed him that women take prenatal vits while nursing as well. He was disappointed.

Ben is the busiest bee at the Sanatorium this summer. Geometry online (to avoid the crappy teacher at Poston), football camp, summer school (so he can play football and take seminary next year). He has little time to breathe. He did take a little time off Wednesday morning to go water-skiing with Brad, and he came home with a sizable gash on his head. Only Ben.

This picture tells the story of Hyrum's life, I'm afraid. The kid just cannot remember to take a potty stop. So this week we've tried a potty chart. We've had two days all week with no accidents. That, my friends, is a miracle. I had him at IKEA and he was on his monkey leash (you know the ones I'm talking about--that look like a little stuffed animal?). He saw a little boy playing away from his mom, and Hyrum went up to him and said, "You not being obed-beient." Really? Is he wearing a leash? Didn't think so, Scooter.

I love this picture of Lily and Brad.  Just hangin' out on the front porch.  Lily, of course, is our resident drama queen.  On Tuesday I was feeding the baby and Micah came in the front door, saying that Hyrum had gotten hurt on the neighbor's teeter-totter.  I didn't hurry too quickly, but I got out the door to see what was up.  When I got there, Hyrum looked very concerned and told me that Lily broke her leg.  Lily was acting like she was pinned under the seat of the seesaw, face down in the mud, waiting for someone to come to her rescue.  Really?  In the mud. 

And I've decided that I'm going to have a summer kickoff giveaway on Monday, so start dreaming of the possibilities!



  1. Fun pics, especially love Lily and Brad, such a sweet moment.

    Oh silly, silly Jen, that pic is of Matthew morrison, the star of Glee. I guess you don't watch Glee. haha

  2. hahahaha...really, in the mud?...hee hee hee! great post. loving all the updates. you have super kids!

    orthodontic side note: are ben's braces for a class III/underbite or is that just how he's posing for your picture? just curious. i tend to notice those things thanks to a gajillion years in the field. =)

    have a great night!

  3. Glad I'm not the only one with a drama queen and a pee pee puddler. Makes for an interesing life, doesn't it my friend?! :)

  4. looks like you made it through the first week and had fun! we also have a drama queen here. it used to be me. love all the pictures...have a great weekend jenny!! (i like jenny!)....

  5. I really love the photos of your family. Everyone looks like they're enjoying themselves and having fun. It never ceases to amaze me how you have such a large and wonderful family. Your kids are really great :) Glad to hear that you had an enjoyable first week of summer :)

  6. You never know what to expect that first week of summer!
    We still have one more week of school...I'm trying to get prepared!
    Have a great weekend!
    Love the sweet pic of Daddy and daughter!

  7. You are going to have a memorable summer - but then I'll bet they've all been memorable so far!
    We had a taste of your heat this week when we were in Nevada. Lovely to visit, but I think I'd melt into a permanent puddle if I lived in it!
    That father-daughter shot is a keeper!

  8. What a lovely start. Summer is supercharged at your house.

  9. Poor Hyrum! ;) My mom got me one of those monkey leashes for my (then) 3yo. I think she was trying to hint at something. And my daughter would also stay face down in the mud as long as it took to get a little sympathy. Girls!

    [btw, I hope you realize that I was NOT offended, thereby not needing an apology for your comment. I hope I didn't offend YOU! Just making my comments ;) ]

  10. What a beautiful family- you make pretty babies! I totally remember the too busy to go to the bathroom stage, it was rough- good luck! I love that Lily was waiting, in the mud, for her rescue. I suppose she just wanted her rescue to be as dramatic as she is.

  11. I loved this post!

    And my granddaughter was both a drama queen and a pee-pee puddler. Now she seems to have the pee thing under control.

    But drama will always be her thing, I believe...


  12. Love Foto Friday!!
    Your kids are awesome.

  13. Hyrum is hilarious! I love that he's taking strange kids to task in the store. Great photo of Lily and Brad. Scary contraption of Tucker's! Adorable photos of Eve. How does she just keep getting cuter? And poor Ben! His summer doesn't sound like a vacation at all! How have the days with Lily as Queen of the roost been going? That's gotta feel weird to have her be the oldest at home. Poor

  14. Thanks again for the pictures. Loved them all.

  15. You have the most beautiful children! Their eyes - oh my goodness! So much fun to look at all the pictures. I can remember my brother not wanting to go in to pee. We'd be in the sandbox playing and he'd have sand all stuck to his crotch. He didn't care - just too busy!
    Glad you survived the first week! It's going to be a busy busy summer! Wedding in TWO WEEKS! Yikes!

  16. lol! what a kid. well good that the crossbite's corrected now. palatal expander? those are some fun, eh? from what i can tell in the pic, the frenum is looking good. frenectomy or just the braces thus far? how much longer until ben's done?

  17. I told my mom the geo teacher was bad!! My dad just yelled at me for saying that about someone!