Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What We'll Be Missing . . .

What the kiddos will miss most when Tucker leaves on Thursday:

playing guitar
helping around the house with chores
his example
light saber fights

playing games

piggy back rides
playing rough

making obstacle courses in the back yard

What the kiddos won't miss when Tucker leaves on Thursday:

his lack of babysitting skills (as stated by Micah and Lily and Ben)

What I will miss most when Tucker leaves on Thursday:

the sound of his keys hitting the key drawer at the same time I hear the door slam and singing

his friends over every Monday for bac'n mac
his original piano and guitar compositions
his willingness to do anything I ask him the first time I ask (that one took a lot of training, ladies)
catching him on his knees in prayer or sitting in his room reading his scriptures

his example to me and his younger siblings
buying lunch meat by the ton and mustard by the gallon
listening to him bless the sacrament
his happy, glass-is-half-full outlook
his singing

spontaneous hugs in the kitchen
the pen behind his right ear
his messy room
his sarcasm
his truck gone from the garage, because that means he'll be back soon

my handsome, tall, smart, funny, happy, loving son
That's what I'll miss.
This is going to be hard.



  1. Awwwww dangit it Jenny, you did it AGAIN. You made me cry! I love this kid so much, I can't even begin to understand YOUR sadness. Seriously, HOW can he be leaving already?
    Your house will seem rather quiet and empty without his "energy" around. And that is saying a lot!
    He is such a good kid!

  2. Oh, wow...this post was so tender and such a great tribute to who he has become, and so sad all at the same time. He has really grown up, hasn't he? It gives me hope...and makes me sad.
    I love the photo of Tucker and Hyrum jumping into the pool-crazy how quickly they grow from that clinging little guy into the one doing the holding. By the way, I've always wondered what the deal was with the pen tucked behind that ear...any particular reason it's always there, or that it's always that ear?

  3. Sigh... He is a wonderful boy/man. One of our favorites. You have done so well with him. It has been amazing to see his confidence grow over the years. No one could have ever told me how soon these leavings seem to happen. I'll be thinking of you!

  4. I love that photo of you two when you were pregnant. So cute!

    I remember how bittersweet it was to send my boys (and daughter, too) off to college. Even harder when it came time for the missions. I missed them like no other.

    But it is what it is. right? And I really enjoy having grown-up sons. There's something really cool about it.


  5. Wow! You just made me fast forward in my life & I don't know if I will be ready to let go when the time comes! I will pray for you Jen. I think you are right, it is going to be hard to get used to that lack of singing & energy. My oldest is always singing and it reminds me that perhaps I am doing something right. This post def. brought tears to my eyes!

  6. oh Jen. . .I can't even imagine. . .and when my mind goes do the road 5 years I start to cry!. . .so I try not to look ahead.

    Hang in there!

  7. That was seriously a beautiful tribute! You'll be okay mom, he'll always be your baby!

  8. I know that Tucker will keep in close contact with you and you will be able to relive BYU through his eyes. He won't be at home as much, but this new chapter in his life will be great fun for you, too. Adult children can take some getting used to, but it IS a new kind of wonderful. He is a great young man.

  9. You've taught him well. And don't just stop buying lunchmeat, since he'll be back.

  10. Oh boo. I hate crying first thing in the morning. So sorry your sweet boy is going away. What a handsome, wonderful, creative guy you've got there. And obedient to boot? Quite a treasure! Won't be long 'til you've got a daughter-in-law to contend with I reckon. ;)

  11. There's nothing I can say to dispel that feeling of loss, Jenny. It helps to know you've done the best you can, as you send him out to the world. You've raised a boy who will take his place as a good man.
    I thought I was fine on the day our son left, until I passed by his tidy room on my way to bed - that was it for me. Of course, that was more than 10 years ago, and he has since added a daughter-in-love and two grandsons to our family, so the tears are tears of joy these days!

  12. Beautiful, sad, very sad post Jen. I'll be thinking of you on Thursday. My 7yr old saw a commercial the other morning for "online college"....and asked if he could just do that instead of going away....you know I am going to try and hold him to that in 10 yrs! :)

  13. what a sweet post. My brother just left on his mission and reports to the MTC today at 1:45. It's hard to let them grow up. Really. Really. Hard.

  14. what a good son you have raised well. =) good luck to tucker, God speed. what blessings to those whose lives he will help change. Heaven be with you until you two are reunited....along with the REST of the family! cherish every moment.

  15. Sorry for all the things you will miss!
    But they always come back!!!:)
    Thinking of you...
    Enjoy the day

  16. Oh Sweet Jen!
    Hard to believe that's what we raise them for ... to be arrows, sent for Jesus, shot into the world beyond our home!
    I'll be praying for you ... and your family ... in this transition time!


  17. *sniff, sniff* I'm going to miss Tucker, too. DOOOON'T GOOOOO....!
    Oh. Wait. He's not even my kiddo. Should stop acting like a luny.
    You poor baby - I hate that you have to watch baby after baby grow up and leave. Still, they're great kids. You must be so very proud of them.

    I know what you can do....HAVE MORE BABIES!! Because you need at least a few more. The ones you have are so perfect. You're on a roll!

  18. I've missed you so much Jenny. And your blog. And leaving a comment that needed several paragraphs and still posting another one right after that because it just didn't seem like enough.

    So good to be back. :)

  19. Oh man! What a wonderful tough thing! He is going to be great! You are going to be great! I can and can't wait for my boys to make that decision! Good luck to you all!

  20. Awww....I think I'm going to go hold E for a little bit and just treasure her before she leaves for college 16 years from now....

  21. just wait till' the last one leaves...it is the strangest feeling in the world...